NJ to Allow Casino & Online Betting

New Jersey to Allow Gamblers Opportunity to Play Both Casino & Betting Online

New Jersey is a pioneer when it comes to sports betting in America and now the Garden State is set to take the next step in their gambling evolution, allowing players the opportunity to play both casino and sports betting online.

New Jersey and Nevada are two states that are at the forefront of gambling and both allow in-person and online casino gameplays, as well as sports betting. In fact, New Jersey reportedly generates its most revenue from online gambling, with 80 to 90 percent of gambling revenue coming from the online or mobile sector.

Back in January, New Jersey sports betting stayed hot, with $540 million in wagers, down only 3.2% from December but up 40% from last January. The growth marked the third straight month in which the state generated more than half a billion in handle.

There appears to be a strong correlation between online sports betting and online casino, with the latter seeing 64% revenue growth to $55.1 million compared to last January (a new record and the first time online casino revenue ever broke the $50 million mark). Specifically to the Garden State, there was a 21.4 million US dollar jump when it came to online casino revenues in New Jersey. It makes sense that the state would give gamblers the opportunity to enjoy both casino and sports betting online.

It makes sense that while other states, such as New Jersey’s neighbor, New York, have dragged their feet when it comes to sports betting, the Garden State is taking it to the next level. For online betting guides and sportsbook reviews for New Jersey Sports Betting, be sure to check out BetNJ.com, which offers a comprehensive breakdown.

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