Spreadex vs. Sporting Index

Spreadex v Sporting Index – Who is Best for US Sports?

While traditional betting remains the leader for sports fans, spread betting is certainly on the rise.

This is generally experienced punters who are looking for either something to reignite their sports betting if they have become bored, or those wanting to take it to the next level and have success.

We have a handful of spread betting platforms online, but Spreadex and Sporting Index are two that offer many spread betting markets, and both of them focus heavily on US sports. But which of them is the best? Here we compare both and see their strong points for those looking to get involved.

Spreadex the Standout for Basketball Betting

After taking advantage of the Spreadex welcome offer, you can take a look at the range of sports betting markets they have on offer. Spreadex cover a wide range of sports, and included in those is basketball, which is one of the real strong points of their service.

The main element of that is their coverage of the NBA. Here they have some really competitive lines available, while also offering many ways to bet, so you have choice as a punter. This is incredibly important, because you won’t want to bet in the same way for every game you place a wager on.

One of the great aspects of NBA betting, which anyone will know if they bet on basketball is that there are games taking place almost every day during the season, the NBA schedule is jam packed. This means that a new betting opportunity is just around the corner, and Spreadex have all of these covered.

Sporting Index Sets the Standard for NHL Punters

Those who use the Sporting Index welcome offer will find an array of NHL betting lines when they log in and explore the service on offer. The NHL is another popular betting sport in the US, and the main reason for that is because it is very similar to the NBA, with a packed schedule and action almost every night.

Betting on goals is the most common way to bet on the NHL, so those moving from traditional betting to spread betting can keep using the same betting lines. If you are betting on goals in the game, the difference between these two is that with spread betting, you win more if there are more goals scored.

Spread Betting Coming to the Fore

There is a real excitement surrounding spread betting at the moment, particularly from those who are looking for a spark to reignite their betting. Some people will look to find this by moving across to other sports, or other bet types and betting markets but spread betting is also an option for this.

Spread betting is designed for more experienced punters though, and only recommended if you fully understand what spread betting is and the risks involved. However, when you do, it is certainly a way for you to approach betting in a different manner, with an excellent US sports service available.

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