Alteratives to Traditional Sports Betting

New Spread Betting Sites Offering Alternative to Traditional Sports Betting

There are many online bookmakers that offer traditional sports betting to their customers. However, some experienced punters are now looking for more, and looking for ways in which they can take their betting forward.

This is where spread betting is really starting to find its feet. New betting sites Spreadex and Sporting Index are two of the sites to lead the way, offering spread betting markets as their main service. They also offer traditional betting alongside, which means their players can get the best of both worlds, a new and exciting form of betting, plus something they already know and love.

The Appeal of Spread Betting

Spread Betting is seen as a new and different way to bet on sports but spread betting has been around for many years. This has been more popular with financial markets in the past, though that may change over the next decade.

The difference between spread betting and traditional betting is big though, and without full knowledge, it is very easy to lose a lot of money while spread betting. However, the reason it appeals so much to experienced gamblers is because the potential winnings are high.

Bets are placed on the spread, which is sometimes known as the line. For example, if you like Premier League football and bet on goals, spread betting markets are in place for goals. Rather than choosing over or under on the line, and winning regardless, you choose what you want and get more winnings based on how right you are.

So, with this example, if you bet on goals and go over the line, the more goals there are, the more money you win. This is why it appeals to some punters, they know if they get things right they can extend their winnings compared to traditional sports bets.

The Future of Spread Betting

Spread betting is seen as being something quite complicated, and for that reason, it is only usually those who are experienced with sports betting, or have experience on the financial spread markets, who get involved.

The key is not what you bet on, but how much experience you have and how much you trust your opinion. Points or goals are good markets for spread betting, so if you bet on NBA and focus on total points then the spread markets are going to offer you something you can bet on.

As time goes on, people are going to pick up experience and want to try something else, which is where spread betting companies can cash in. This will set up a scenario where traditional bookmakers are going to have to fight back and provide something that will keep their customers happy and not looking for more.

Naturally, people want to expand their betting portfolio, especially if they see it as something that can help them make a profit. Some will try spread betting, and just how many do that will shape the future of this part of the industry.

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