Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Futures

NHL Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Futures (Plus 3 NHL Bookie Tools!)

The second half of the NHL Regular Season is underway. Wagering on specific NHL games is great, but in addition to that, hockey handicappers can also wager on NHL Futures.

One of the top NHL Futures wagers is on the exact matchup for the 2019 Stanley Cup.

Check out odds. Also, see what online bookie agents are going to do to manage action on Stanley Cup Futures.

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2019 Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Futures Odds

Lightning vs Flames                          +1210

Lightning vs Jets                               +1380

Lightning vs Predators                     +1410

Lightning vs Golden Knights                       +1515

Lightning vs Sharks                          +1965

Maple Leafs vs Flames                     +2950

Maple Leafs vs Jets                           +3325

Maple Leafs vs Predators                 +3400

Maple Leafs vs Golden Knights      +3650

Lightning vs Stars                             +4450

Maple Leafs vs Sharks                     +4700

The Online Bookie Breakdown

Based on the above, it’s obvious what oddsmakers are thinking. The Eastern Conference should come down to the Tampa Bay Lightning versus the Toronto Maple Leafs.

At the beginning of the season, both teams offered low odds to win the 2019 Stanley Cup. Nothing’s changed during the season for the favor around both to dampen.

The Lightning are a solid choice to win the Stanley Cup.

For those who like Tampa Bay, the key for bettors looking to make money on Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Futures is to find the Western Conference winners.

The thing is the odds are such that those players who wish to back the Lightning can spread their money around.

The same goes for those who prefer the Maple Leafs.

Toronto offers much better odds to face-off in the Stanley Cup against the same teams as the Lightning. Those who believe Tampa Bay fails this season like they did last season, are getting excellent odds on the Leafs.

Pay per head agents aren’t just standing by and waiting for money to roll in. They’re going to use the following PPH tools to manage betting on Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Futures.

1. Schedule limit override

The override tool allows bookies to set a time when players can’t wager on specific bets. No doubt, online bookies will set up times when nobody can wager on the Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Futures.

2. Max betting limits

Any player who wishes to wager on exact match up futures had better be ready for harsh max betting limits. Agents can’t allow more than $100 on betting options that pay over +1200.

3. Line mover

If per head agents are equipped with PayPerHead’s Prime Package and they receive a set amount of money on Stanley Cup Exact Matchup futures, they’ll change the lines to encourage wagering on other options or discourage wagering all together.

Some might even take the exact match up futures off the board.

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