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Making its Olympic debut at the 2010 Winter Olympics the Men’s Ski Cross will showcase competitive racing on the slopes.

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According to, Although new to the Olympic sport program, ski cross has existed as a sport since the early days of alpine skiing competition. The “mass start” appeal of ski cross, also seen in snowboard cross, sets the stage for fast and exciting competition. The ski cross course, designed to test skiers’ skills, incorporates turns in a variety of types and sizes, flat sections and traverses, as well as rolls, banks and ridges similar to those found on a normal ski slope. Structures on the course resemble those found in snowboard cross events. Physical endurance and strength play a key role in ski cross as athletes ski four to five runs lasting 60 seconds or longer. A timed qualification run is used to seed skiers into different heats, of four skiers each. At the sound of the starting device, the athlete begins racing down the course. The start, as well as the first sections before the first turn, are critical parts of the course, as passing can easily occur here. While other passing areas are designated on the course, interference with other skiers can lead to an athlete’s disqualification. Each race is limited to four starters. The top half of the finishing field then moves on to the next round in a series of quarter, semi and final rounds. During each heat, the first two competitors to cross the finish line advance to the next heat, while the last two competitors are ranked based on qualification times. The “big final” round determines which athletes place first to fourth, while the “small final” determines those who rank from fifth to eighth place.

For this inaugural event, Michael Schmid is favored to win the gold.

Schmid has odds of 10/3 to win the gold medal according to online sports book SBGGLOBAL. Other short odds to win are Tomas Kraus (4/1), Christopher Del Bosco (4/1), and Andreas Matt (7/1).

Schmid competes for Switzerland who has competes in this event in the world championships for years. He recently won a World Cup event in 2009 for the ski cross.

Kraus competes for the Czech Republic and won the 2005 and 2007 world championships in the ski cross.

Del Bosco competes for Canada and he is the defending X Games champion in this event, while also winning bronze in the X games in 2006.

Matt competes for Austria and is the defending world champion in this event.

The 2010 Winter Olympics take place from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and began on Friday, Feb. 12. and will be concluding Sunday, Feb. 28. For complete odds on which competitor will win the men’s ski cross, see below

Odds to win Freestyle Skiing Men’s Ski Cross at 2010 Winter Olympics

Michael Schmid 10/3 

Tomas Kraus 4/1 

Christhopher Del Bosco 4/1 

Andreas Matt 7/1 

Lars Lewen 9/1 

Daron Rahlves 10/1 

Stanley Hayer 14/1 

Xavier Kuhn 14/1 

Casey Puckett 16/1 

Davy Barr 16/1 

David Duncan 20/1 

Simon Stickl 25/1 

Ted Piccard 25/1 

Audun Grnvold 25/1 

Partick Koller 25/1 

Enak Gavaggio 40/1 

Thomas Zangerl 40/1 

Armin Niederer 40/1 

Brady Leman 50/1 

Egor Korotkov 50/1 

Jouni Pellinen 50/1 

Conradign Netzer 50/1 

Richard Spalinger 50/1 

Beni Hofer 66/1 

Juha Haukkala 66/1 

Anders Rekdal 80/1 

Sylvain Miailler 80/1 

Tommy Eliasson 80/1 

Brian Bennett 80/1 

Martin Fiala 80/1

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Posted: 2/16/10 3:06PM ET


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