How Bookies Prepare for 2019 Futures

How Are Online Bookies Preparing for the 2019 NBA Futures?

The 2019 NBA All-Star Game takes place this Sunday. In the second half of the NBA Season, basketball handicappers are likely to make more money than they did in the first.

Football takes away attention from hoops during the first half of the NBA Season. However, in the second half, all eyes will be on hoopsters in both college and the pro league.

Online bookie agents know this. That’s why they’re currently setting their sportsbooks up for success. One of the ways bookies will ensure success is by preparing for the 2019 NBA Futures action.

Current NBA Futures Odds and How Bookies Will Prepare

Golden State Warriors -230

Toronto Raptors +750

Boston Celtics +950

Milwaukee Bucks +950

L.A. Lakers +1100

Philadelphia 76ers +1200

Houston Rockets +1300

Oklahoma City Thunder +1800

Denver Nuggets +2000

How will most pay per head agents handle the Golden State Warriors?

The Warriors are as close to being locks to win the NBA Championship as any team in history. They’re actually bigger favorites to win the title this year than they were last year.

Although most agents will want to encourage wagering on the Warriors, they must be careful.

Golden State should win the title, which means agents might simply not allow any wagers on the Warriors from now until the NBA Championship. If they do allow any wagers, they might only allow up to $230.

If players wager $230 and Golden State does win the championship, the most bookies will lose is $100.

What team outside of Golden State scares bookies the most?

Every pay per head agent offering NBA Championship odds must be scared to death of:

  • the Celtics,
  • Bucks,
  • Raptors,
  • and 76ers.

The reason’s simple: One of those teams will most likely make it to the NBA Finals from the Eastern Conference.

Even if one of those teams face the Warriors, they’re the only team that can upset the Warriors and win the NBA Championship.

Not only that, but if a team like the Lakers miraculously manages to beat the Warriors, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, or Milwaukee becomes a possible favorite to win the title.

Outside of Golden State, the Eastern Conference teams offering odds to win the championship scare bookies the most.

Is there a team listed that bookies won’t assign max betting limits to?

Yes, two teams listed don’t scare agents that much. No, one of those teams isn’t the L.A. Lakers. LeBron plays for the Lakers, and he beat Golden State all by himself in 2016.

The teams that agents aren’t that afraid of are the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets.

Houston offers less odds to win the title than Oklahoma City. However, the Rockets are a one-man show with James Harden providing all the fireworks.

OKC is a two-man show with a deep bench. They’ve got a better shot of winning the title than the Rockets do.

Denver is a complete, well-coached, and unselfish squad. That might take the Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals. However, they’ll face a simply better team if they make it that far.

Denver’s the second team some per head agents might not assign max betting limits to.

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