Women's Skeleton Odds

The Women’s Skelton event should be very competitive at the 2010 Winter Olympics, as the event features four past world champions.

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In this event, a skeleton slider grasps the handles on either side of their sled, and get off to a running start that is about 50 meters in length. The competitor then dives head first onto the sled. Sliders lie on their stomachs and steer with slight shifts to their body. The event consists of four heats held over two days, timed electronically to 0.01 seconds. The individual with the lowest combined time wins the gold medal.

2006 Olympic bronze medalist, Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards, is favored to take home the gold in this event.

Hollingsworth has odds of 3/2 to win the gold medal according to online sports book Brobury Sports. Other short odds to win are Marion Trott (5/2), Kerstin Szymkowiak (4/1), and Shelley Rudman (7/1).

Hollingsworth, who competes for Canada, won the bronze medal in the 2006 Olympics and is also a silver medalist from the 2000 world championships. Hollingsworth is also the defending World Cup overall champion

Trott competes for Germany and is the defending world champion in the skeleton and also in mixed competition.

Szymkowiak competes for Germany and she won the bronze in the 2004, 2008, and 2009 world championships.

Rudman competes for Great Britain and she was the 2006 Olympic silver medalist. She came in second in the 2009-10 World Cup overall competition.

The 2010 Winter Olympics take place from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada beginning Friday, Feb. 12. and concluding Sunday, Feb. 28. For complete odds on which competitor will win the women’s skeleton, see below

Odds to win Women’s Skeleton at 2010 Winter Olympics

Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards (CAN) 3/2 

Marion Trott (GER) 5/2 

Kerstin Szymkowiak (GER) 4/1   

Shelley Rudman (GBR) 7/1

Anja Huber (GER) 8/1

Amy Williams (GBR) 14/1   

Maya Perdersen (SUI) 16/1 

Amy Gough (CAN) 18/1 

Noelle Pikus-Pace ( USA) 20/1 

Katie Uhlaender ( USA) 28/1 

Michelle Kelly (CAN) 40/1 

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Posted: 2/11/10 10:38AM ET


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