Women's 3,000M Relay

The competition to see which team will win the Women’s 3000 Meter Relay in short track speed skating should be competitive at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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In the Olympics, short track speed skating takes place on a 111.12-meter oval track within a hockey rink, which features tight corners that make it harder to get around corners.  Short track relays take place over two days and consist of semi-final and final. Eight teams of four skaters compete with a substitute available if needed. The teams decide how many laps each of their members will race, but the final two laps must be covered by the same skater, typically most skaters average 1.5 laps per-turn, meaning there are seven to eight exchanges within the team each race. When an exchange is made the skater on the ice needs to tag the next skater to complete an exchange.

The defending world champions, China, are favored to take the gold for this Olympics.

China has odds of 8/15 to win the gold medal according to online sports book SBGGLOBAL. Other short odds to win are South Korea (7/4), USA (9/2), and Canada (9/1).

China won the 2009 world championships by a little more than one second over South Korea. In the 2006 Olympics, China was disqualified after one of their skaters was believed to have interfered with an opposing skater.

South Korea is the defending gold medal winner, as they defeated Canada by .3 of a second. South Korea took second in the 2009 world championships. South Korea has three of the top speed skaters in the nation, as many of them have been favored to win individual events.

The United States finished fifth in the 2006 Olympics, winning final heat B. The US finished out of the medal running in the 2009 world championships.

Canada placed second in the 2006 Olympics and was third in the 2009 world championships.

The 2010 Winter Olympics take place from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada beginning Friday, Feb. 12. and concluding Sunday, Feb. 28. For complete odds on which team will win the Women’s 3,000 Meter Short Track Speed Skating Relay event, see below.

Odds to win Women’s 3000 Meter Short Track Speed Skating Relay at 2010 Winter Olympics

China 8/15 

South Korea 7/4 

USA 9/2 

Canada 9/1 

Japan 33/1 

Italy 80/1 

Netherlands 80/1 

Hungary 125/1

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Posted: 2/9/10 3:09PM ET


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