How Bookies are Preparing for March

How Will Bookies Prepare For 2019 March Madness Betting?

Super Bowl 53 is in the books, but that doesn’t mean online bookie agents should rest and relax. The second biggest betting event of the year takes place in around 6 weeks.

By mid-March, the madness that comes with the NCAA College Basketball Tournament will be in full swing.

How Bookies are Preparing for March Madness Betting

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Now, check out how your bookies are preparing to increase profit on 2019 March Madness betting.

Max betting limits on NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament Futures

Pay per head agents are using tools like mass editing to set max betting limits on NCAA Championship futures. Right now, the Duke Blue Devils are favored to win the title. Duke’s followed in the betting by Michigan and Virginia.

In the second tier are teams like Gonzaga, Nevada, Kentucky, Kansas, and North Carolina. Different bookies are approaching the max betting limit question in different ways.

Some bookmakers want to push wagers on favorites like Duke, Michigan, and Virginia. These per head agents believe that the chances of any of those 3 winning the title’s not nearly as good as the odds offered.

Other bookies are setting max betting limits on all teams. That’s the safest option because once the tournament starts, nobody really knows what will happen.

Schedule limit overrides on some college hoops games

As we get closer to March, some games will invariably garner more action than others. Bookies have a way to encourage wagering on games that become too hot by setting what’s called a schedule limit override.

This allows bookie agents to shut off wagering on a game.

That encourages action on other games on the schedule. This piece of pay per head software can really mess with a college basketball handicappers ability to make the wagers they wish to make.

It can also be a blessing in disguise. After all, how many times did you miss out on making a wager only to find out it saved you money?

Change lines on college hoops games

Another way bookies use pay per head software is to move lines with tools like the line mover. The line mover’s a valuable tool. Just by moving a line half a point up or down if it’s on a whole number ensures the agent mustn’t issue refunds.

Once they ensure they mustn’t issue refunds, agents can then use their layoff accounts to even out wagering on both sides of the spread.

March Madness betting is just around the corner. Online bookie agents are preparing by using sportsbook betting software tools like setting schedule limit overrides and changing lines to ensure profit.

Don’t get left in the dark during March Madness, become an online bookie and upgrade your lifestyle.

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