Super Bowl XLII Props

One of the most exciting things about the Super Bowl each year for bettors is the sheer number of wagers that can be placed on the big game. Most of these bets fall under the category of proposition bets or “props” for short.

We checked with oddsmakers at online sports book Bodog to inquire about how many different bets are offered on Super Bowl XLII between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Sports Book Manager Richard Gardner told us around 2000 individual bets are posted on the game, the team, individual players and game scenarios.

Because of the massive volume of bets available, we have taken the liberty to ask the Bodog oddsmakers what the most popular prop wagers for Super Bowl XLII have been.

Most Popular Super Bowl XLII Prop Bets

1) Will The Coin Toss be Heads or Tails?

2) Who Will Win The Coin Toss

3) How Long Will it Take Jordin Sparks to Sing the National Anthem?

4) Will This be The Most Watched Super Bowl in History?

5) How Many Times will Joe Buck Mention Peyton Manning’s Name?

6) Who Will be The Super Bowl MVP?

7) How Many Total Points Will The Giants Score?

8) How Many Total Sacks Will Both Teams Have?

9) How Many Receptions Will Plaxico Burress Have?

10) How Many Passing Yards Will Tom Brady Have?

11) How Many Completions Will Tom Brady Have?

12) How Many Rushing Yards Will Brandon Jacobs Have?

13) How Many Rushing Yards Will Laurence Maroney Have?

14) How Many Receiving Yards Will Ahmad Bradshaw Have?

15) How Many Receiving Yards Will Randy Moss Have?

In addition to these popular bets, there are also an entire host of bizarre prop bets being offered on Sunday’s Super Bowl Game. Here are some of the most unusual prop bets we have found for Super Bowl XLII.

Most Bizarre Super Bowl XLII Prop Bets

1) Who Will The Super Bowl MVP Thank First in His Speech?

2) What Song Will Tom Petty Sing to End His Halftime Show?

3) Will Don Shula go onto The Field and Shake Bill Belichick’s Hand After The Game?

4) How Will The Winning Conference of The Super Bowl Affect The Stock Market?

5) Top Rated Super Bowl Commercial According to USA Today’s Adometer?

As you can see with 2000 possible prop wagers available, there is really no limit to what can be bet on the 2007-2008 NFL season finale.

Click here for a complete list of prop bets, or to place a proposition wager on Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII game between the Giants and the Patriots.

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