Top Super Bowl LIII Props & Specials

Top Super Bowl LIII Props and Specials

It’s been more than 30 years since football was changed forever. The first Super Bowl prop hit the NFL odds board in early 1986, with one simple question: Will the Bears’ William “The Refrigerator” Perry score a touchdown at Super Bowl XX? He did, paying out at 20-1 for intrepid bettors.

Now there are hundreds upon hundreds of Super Bowl props on the board, and they generate over half the betting handle for the Big Game. Let’s see what this year’s batch at the online sports betting sites has to offer.

Super Bowl MVP

The New England Patriots are 3-point favorites to beat the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday (6:30 p.m. ET, CBS) in Atlanta, so naturally, the Patriots are heavily featured in many of these Super Bowl prop bets. QB Tom Brady is the +125 favorite at press time to win his fifth Super Bowl MVP award; Rams QB Jared Goff is second at +250. However, you might want to go with a running back this year. Patriots RB Sony Michel is available at +1200, and the Rams aren’t very good at run defense.

National Anthem Prop

Gladys Knight has been picked to sing The Star-Spangled Banner before this year’s Big Game. Will she complete her performance (up to and including the word “brave”) in OVER or UNDER 1:47? The OVER is priced at –160, but there’s a recording on YouTube, allegedly of Knight singing the Anthem in 1991, and she finished at around the 1:45 mark (including the intro music). She’s also 74 years old now, so her lung capacity won’t be quite the same. Consider the UNDER at +120, or for a safer bet, take NO (–500) on whether Knight will forget or omit a word from the Anthem.

Will Any Player Take a Knee During the National Anthem?

There are no dead-bolt locks in Super Bowl betting, but NO (–500) is pretty close here. This form of protest is much less frequent these days, and it’s doubtful any players will want to stick their necks out – or their knees – before the most important game of the year.

What Will the Super Bowl Champions be Served When They Visit the White House?

This prop is in response to the college football champion Clemson Tigers getting served hamburgers by Donald Trump during the partial shutdown of the U.S. federal government. “Fast Food” is priced at +205, but you might want to go with “Any Other Food” at –310. Even if the shutdown resumes, these aren’t college kids we’re dealing with anymore, and the hamburger stunt has already served its purpose.

Will There Be a Flea-Flicker Attempt in the Game?

The Philadelphia Eagles used all sorts of trick plays during last year’s playoff run – including this one, where the quarterback hands off or laterals to a teammate, then gets the ball back for a possible pass attempt. But the Eagles aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, and once again, NO (–200) seems like the value pick. Casual fans are more likely to bet YES on these particular props, so you usually get a better price on the other side.

Will Either Kicker Hit the Upright/Crossbar on a Missed FG/PAT Attempt?

Yet another Super Bowl prop where NO (–600) is very likely to win. We don’t have the statistics in front of us – if anyone’s keeping them – but not only would someone have to clang one off the upright and/or crossbar, the ball would also have to hit the ground without bouncing through for a score. Always read the terms of your Super Bowl props carefully before placing your bets at online sports betting sites

Will Big Boi and Adam Levine Perform “Mic Jack” at Halftime?

This prop is on the board with YES at –400 as we go to press, so it’s probably going to happen. Unfortunately, not going to happen: Outkast reuniting and taking over the entire performance from Maroon 5. Get your chips and dips ready for halftime, make sure that “Mute” button works, and may the better team win.


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