Biathlon Men's Relay

The lone team event in the men’s biathlon at the 2010 Winter Olympics is the 4x7.5 Kilometer Relay, and the odds are out as to which team will win the gold medal.

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In this event, each team consists of four members, with each member skiing 7.5 kilometres and shooting twice, once prone and once standing. At each shooting station, a competitor has eight shots to hit five targets. During the shooting, only five bullets are loaded in a gun at the start. If additional shots are required, the spare bullets must be loaded one at a time. If after the eight shots are taken, some targets still remain, the competitor must ski a 150-metre penalty loop.

Norway, which features two of the top individual biathletes in the world, is favored to win the gold in the team event.

Norway has been given odds of 7/4 to win according to online sports book Other short odds to win are Austria (2/1), Russia (3/1), The Field (9/2), and Germany (7/1).

Norway came in fifth in the 2006 Olympics for this event. However, this team is led by Emil Hegle Svendsen and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, who are favored to win many of the individual events for this Olympics. Norway won the 2009 world championships and 2005 world championships while finished in second in 2007 and 2008.

Austria finished in 17th place in the 2006 Olympics, but has built up its team since then and has some of the top talent in the world, led by Dominik Landertinger and Christoph Sumann. Last year, they were second in the world championships.

Russia finished with the silver in the 2006 Olympics and won the 2007 and 2008 world championships.

Germany won the gold in the 2006 Olympics and since has finished third in the world championships for the last three years.

The 2010 Winter Olympics take place from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada beginning Friday, Feb. 12. and concluding Sunday, Feb. 28. For complete odds on the biathlon men’s 4x7.5km relay, see below.

Odds to win the gold medal in the Biathlon Men’s 4x7.5KM Relay event at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Norway 7/4    

Austria 2/1    

Russia 3/1     

Field (Any Other Country) 9/2    

Germany 7/1    

France 9/1    

Sweden 25/1    

Ukraine 75/1    

Italy 100/1    

Switzerland 100/1    

USA 100/1    

Czech Republic 120/1    

Belarus 150/1    

Slovenia 180/1    

Canada 200/1   

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Posted: 1/30/10 1:05PM ET


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