Biathlon Women's Sprint

In what is shaping up to be a competitive race in the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Biathlon Women’s 7.5 Kilometer Sprint will be one of the highlighted races in biathlon competition.

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In this event, competitors ski 7.5 kilometers with the distance being skied over three laps. The biathlete shoots after each lap at any shooting lane, once prone and once standing, for a total of 10 shots. For each miss, a penalty loop of 150 m must be skied before the race can be continued. In this race, the biathletes start in intervals. The athlete with the shortest time to complete the course wins the gold medal.

Magdalena Neuner, one of the younger competitors, is favored to win the gold for this event.

Neuner enters the Olympics with odds of 3/1 according to online sports book SBGGLOBAL. Other short odds to win are Svetlana Sleptsova (5/1), The Field (5/1), and Anna Carin Olofsson (6/1).

Neuner, a German biathlete, is just 22-years old and is coming off a recent win in the sprint at the 2010 World Cup competition. Neuner was a 2007 world champion for this event, but she will be competing in her first Olympics in Feb.

Sleptsova, who competes for Russia, will also be competing in her first Olympics. She has been part of a world champion relay team, but has not won a medal on the world stage in individual competition.

Olofsson, who competes for Sweden, won the silver medal in the 2006 Olympics for the sprint, and also won the gold in the mass start. Since the 2006 Olympics, Olofsson won the silver in the sprint in the 2007 world championships.

The 2010 Winter Olympics take place from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada beginning Friday, Feb. 12. and concluding Sunday, Feb. 28. For complete odds on the biathlon women’s 7.5km sprint, see below.

Odds to win the gold medal in the Biathlon Women’s 7.5KM Sprint event at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Magdalena Neuner 3/1    

Svetlana Sleptsova 5/1    

Field (Any Other Player) 5/1    

Anna Carin Olofsson 6/1    

Helena Jonsson 10/1    

Tora Berger 15/1    

Andrea Henkel 15/1    

Kati Wilhelm 15/1    

Darya Domracheva 15/1    

Anastasia Kuzmina 20/1    

Olga Zaitseva 20/1    

Anna Bogali 20/1    

Sandrine Bailly 25/1    

Simone Hauswald 25/1    

Kaisa Makarainen 25/1    

Olga Medvedtseva 30/1    

Martina Beck 35/1    

Zina Kocher 35/1    

Anna Boulygina 50/1    

Valj Semerenko 50/1    

Marie Laure Brunet 50/1    

Vita Semerenko 50/1    

Wang Chunli 50/1    

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Posted: 1/29/10 11:39AM ET

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