When will MI's Sports Betting Launch?

When will Michigan’s sports-betting launch?

Sports betting laws in Michigan are changing. But when will the new rules actually come into effect? Here is a look at what is known so far.

What are the new laws concerning sports betting in Michigan?

In December last year, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed two bills into law that legalizes sports betting in casinos and online. To some, it may seem odd that it has taken this long for Michigan to allow live and mobile sports betting. But in some states, such as New York, only live sports betting is currently allowed. States like Nevada and New Jersey have a history of both live betting and online betting, though. States like those prove mobile sports betting is very popular. It is expected that Michigan will see more than 80% of all sports bets made online after the law comes into effect. The bills also allow internet poker, online fantasy sports, and online casino games to become available. So Michiganians will be able to play a variety of incredible online casino games in the future depending on which companies can accept players from the state..

When will Michigan’s sports-betting launch?

Now that Michigan sports betting has been passed into law, Michiganians are keen to know when mobile and sports betting will actually launch. The timetable is dependent on both the legal side and the operational side. Regulators have to finalize the rules, and casinos are currently partnering with sports betting companies. All of that can take time. So, when will sport-betting launch in Michigan? Late spring or early summer seems to be likely times, and many are citing March Madness to be a realistic timeframe for Michigan sports betting to launch in the commercial casinos of Detroit. However, in January, the Michigan Gaming Control Board stated it could take a whole year for the rules for mobile sports betting and internet casino gambling to be determined. Emergency rules cannot be used to bring the date forward because they are only used on rare occasions when there is a threat to health, welfare, and safety. The Michigan Gaming Control Board is following the standard rule process, which enables stakeholders and the public to provide input via a public hearing or submission of a regulatory impact statement.

Where can you place mobile bets in Michigan after the law comes into effect?

Because mobile phones and devices are used on-the-go, mobile sports betting will be able to take place anywhere in the state of Michigan. But as soon as you cross the state border, you will not be able to place bets with a Michigan account.

What sports will you be able to bet on?

The regulator decides which sporting events will be valid to bet on. You should be able to bet on virtually all sports. But the law does specify bets cannot be placed on sports that involve minors. So, you will not be able to bet on things like high school football.

What types of bets will you be able to make?

With the new laws, Michiganians will be able to place bets even after a game has started. State-regulated gambling sites will be able to offer this because they have access to real-time sports events. With in-game bets, you do not have to select a winner before the game starts. You can wait to see how the teams perform before placing your wager. The sports operator can change the odds as the game progresses. A variety of other bets will also be able to be placed. Popular wager types include:

·         Total Bets: With this kind of wager, the winners do not matter. You bet on the overall score of the game by predicting the total score of both teams added together.

·         Spread Bets: This kind of bet allows you to wager that the gap between one team’s score and the opponents is larger than a particular number. You bet on the side that you believe has the best chance of winning the spread. So, if you bet on the odds-favorite and the team wins by more than the spread, you win.

·         Future Bets: These bets are specifically for sporting events that are not happening for a long time. For example, you could bet on which two teams will reach the Super Bowl.


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