Men's 15KM Ski Odds

The fastest man on skis will be determined in the Men's Cross Country 15 Kilometer Freestyle, as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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In this event, skiers begin the course in 30-second intervals apart from one another and the skier with the fastest time through the course is the winner. In past Olympics, this event has been contested in classical format, but has switched to freestyle format this Olympics to give the skier more options for traveling the course.

Petter Northug, who has had a lot of success in longer-distance skiing races, is favored for this event.

Northug enters the event with odds of 6/1 to win the gold according to online sports book Brobury Sports. Other short odds to win are Vincent Vittoz (8/1) and Pietro Piller-Cottrer (8/1).

Northug, who represents Norway, is known more for his efforts in other cross country events, but he has had success in the 15 kilometer, winning the 2009 world cup in this event. He has also won national championships in Norway in this event, but hasn’t won a world or Olympic medal in the 15 kilometer classical or freestyle events.

Vittoz, a French skier, also has not had a great deal of world success in this event, as he is better known for his efforts in the pursuit and in relay events. He was a 2005 world champion in the pursuit and a sixth place finished in the pursuit in the 2006 Olympics.

Cottrer, who represents Italy, was the 2005 world champion in the 15 kilometer race, and he also holds a gold medal from the 2006 Olympics for the 4 x 10 kilometer. Cottrer won bronze in the 2006 Olympics for the pursuit and also took home bronze in the 2007 world championships for the pursuit. His last medal in this event came in the 2008 World Cup, when he took home bronze.

The field, which is any skier not listed in the odds, actually has listed odds of 5/1. That is due to the lack of experience in this event and because the format has changed to freestyle, making it tougher to determine which skier is best-suited to win.

The 2010 Winter Olympics take place from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada beginning Friday, Feb. 12. and concluding Sunday, Feb. 28. For complete odds on who will win the Men’s Cross Country Skiing 15 Kilometer Individual Freestyle, see below.

Odds to win Men’s Cross Country Skiing 15 Kilometer Freestyle at 2010 Winter Olympics

Petter Northug 6/1    

Vincent Vittoz 8/1    

Pietro Piller-Cottrer 8/1    

Matti Heikkinen 9/1    

Tobias Angerer 10/1    

Alexander Legkov 15/1    

Axel Teichmann 15/1    

Lukas Bauer 15/1    

Anders Sodergren 15/1    

Ronny Hafsas 15/1    

Dario Cologna 18/1    

Marcus Hellner 20/1     

Giorgio Di Centa 20/1    

Sergey Shiriaev 25/1    

Tore Ruud Hofstad 30/1    

Maxim Vylegzhanin 30/1    

Johan Olsson 30/1    

Jean Marc Gaillard 35/1    

Christian Hoffmann 35/1    

Ville Nousiainen 40/1    

Toni Livers 40/1    

Emmanuel Jonnier 40/1    

Rene Sommerfeldt 50/1    

Valerio Checchi 65/1    

Tom Reichelt 80/1    

Tord Asle Gjerdalen 80/1 

Field (Any Other Player) 5/1

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Posted: 1/23/10 12:55PM ET


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