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The New York Giants will meet the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in just a few days so we figured it was about time to run an AccuScore simulation on the big game.

For those who aren’t familiar with AccuScore, they use computer forecasting software to analyze sporting events in hope of predicting probable outcomes. Their simulations play each game 10,000 times and utilize a number of factors in their analysis including weather, athlete performance, coaching strategies and more.

After simulating the 2008 Patriots, Giants Super Bowl XLII matchup 10,000 times, here is what the AccuScore computer can tell us about this game.

Final Score Simulation

Bad news for Giants fans but good news for Giants bettors. Our simulation showed New York as a 25% underdog and New England as a 75% favorite. The final simulation score worked out to be New York Giants 21.5, New England Patriots 30.4.

Not all is lost however, factoring in the current Super Bowl XLII point spread of New England -11.5 set by oddsmakers at online sports book Bodog, the Giants would have almost a field goal cushion to cover the point spread if AccuScore’s prediction holds true.

Passing/Receiving Simulation

Without question the air attack nod in this simulation definitely goes to the Patriots. In the 4 passing categories offered in this simulation New England dominated the Giants.

Odds of Throwing 1 or More Touchdown Passes: Brady 94.2% Manning 78%

Odds of Throwing for More Than 220 Yards: Brady 88.9% Manning 52.2%

Odds of Catching More Than 1 TD Pass: Moss 60.9% Burress 53.1%

Odds of More Than 80 Yard Receiving: Welker 28.3 Toomer 25.5

Rushing Simulation

The rushing simulation would be the proverbial “nail in the coffin” for Giants fans. The Giants were able to get a split in the 2 rushing categories that appear in this simulation but it doesn’t look like they will have enough for the straight up win over the Patriots. On the bright side, there is always the Giants point spread to sooth the pain.

Odds of Rushing for More Than 1 Touchdown: Jacobs 52.5 Maroney 51.7

Odds of More Than 80 Yards Rushing: Maroney 53.0 Jacobs 33.3

“AccuScore is a great resource for handicapping and I am not surprised at all by this simulation.” said Michael Seaton, General Manager of sports betting information site “This simulation is forecasting what everyone is thinking, the Giants will lose the game and cover the point spread.” said Seaton.

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