Chiefs 2021 Super Bowl Odds

How's the Kansas Chiefs Betting Odds Look In Super Bowl 2021?

Even with the COVID-19 still an ongoing threat, Super Bowl 55 will take its place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

With Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, the Weeknd Canadian-singer that will headline the Pepsi Halftime Show.

It will be another blast in the football industry and the sports entertainment, but as we are heading to the main game, let us take a quick look at the best contender to make it to the Super Bowl 55. Many fans and experts are putting their hands on the Super Bowl 54 defending champions and the most rooted AFC Champion, the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, the question remains on whether the Kansas City Chiefs end the conference strong and defeat the Buffalo Bills, or will the tight field competition in the NFC contenders become a challenge for the Chiefs to claim the Super Bowl trophy?

Kansas Chiefs Road to Super Bowl 2021

It can't be helped that many fans and experts are starting to speculate regarding the reappearance of the defending champions in the upcoming Super Bowl 55 this February. It's most likely that the Chiefs are the top favorite, and it seems that the speculations are about to happen.

Looking back at the regular games of Kansas Chiefs starting from the NFL Kickoff Game, it's shown that the Chiefs are dominating the field. They earned four consecutive wins before the Las Vegas Raiders beat them, resulting in a 4-1 standing. The Chiefs' domination continued as the NFL Kickoff Game progressed, wrapping the league with a 14-2 standing. They lost to the Los Angeles Chargers at 21–38 at their home field Arrowhead Stadium.

But the NFL Kickoff Game was just the start for the Chiefs, and it seems like a warmup for Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the guys for the Divisional League. The Kansas City Chiefs led the AFC West with a staggering 14-2 and joined the ranks in the conference level with Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tennessee Titans.

During the Divisional Playoffs against the Cleveland Browns last January 17, the Chiefs dominated the field, ending the match in a 22-17 standing. However, it left the Chiefs with an injured quarterback. Patrick Mahomes was reported to incur a head injury and a concussion during the match. Somehow, Kansas Chiefs veteran QB Chad Henne took the reins and maintained the lead until the match ended, securing the Chiefs a chance for the Super Bowl 55.

Kansas City Chief Betting Trends and Predictions

We can't deny how the current betting odds look like for the defending champions. If we look at the current statistics, it's clear that the Chiefs had their eyes on the prize, and that's another Super Bowl trophy. We can check the betting trends in the previous regular games.

Looking at the Moneyline over the regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs finished the season 14-2. During the match with the Cleveland Browns, the Chiefs' Moneyline is -500, while the Browns was at +384. Pretty sure that the Chiefs are the top favorite in every game.

On the other hand, looking at the Against the Spread (ATS), the Chiefs failed to cover the spread in their last eight games as they have gone 7-9 ATS. Home field plays had them at 3-5 ATS and 6-8 ATS when favored.

But then these betting trends are just during the regular season. The betting odds for the upcoming Super Bowl 55 will be a great difference at all according to FanDuel, it's true that the Kansas City Chiefs will be highly favored. And the betting odds are looking good for them. Currently, checking from all available online sportsbooks, the Chiefs' posting odds are at -190 to -200 entering the wildcard weekend.

Other Tough Contender That Challenges The Spot

However, it's too early to say that the Chiefs' current betting odds wouldn't be changed. The NFC field is tighter than the AFC, and it's looking fine as the top-seeded Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints match up. Both of these fan-favorite teams are at +500 and +750 in the odds rankings.

But it's not only that is waiting in the line. Joining the tight field of the NFC is the presence of Tom Brady and the co. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are setting the field on fire as they have won the match against Drew Brees and the rest of the New Orleans Saints on January 17. This means Brady will have a tight championship game with the Packers and a shot to the Super Bowl 55.

This shows that the Kansas City Chiefs cannot sit idly with Brady having chances to get back on the field for another Super Bowl possibility. It will be expected that there will be a change in the odds ranking after the match between the Packers and the Bucs this coming Sunday, January 24. We'll see how it will affect the odds ranking and what will happen to the Chiefs' current ranking.


Kansas City Chiefs, headed by Patrick Mahomes, are the early favorites for the Super Bowl 55. Not only that, they are the defending champions, but their regular-season games and the playoff records are both impressive. However, the Chiefs aren't the only strong contenders for the Super Bowl 55 this time. If they want to reclaim the trophy for the second consecutive year, they need to beat the Buffalo firsts and head to head to either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Super Bowl veteran Tom Brady or the Green Bay Packers. We still have a week to witness how the Chiefs will perform and how their matches will affect the current odds ranking.


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