Presidential Inauguration Prop Odds

Presidential Inauguration Odds: How many times will Donald Trump Tweet?

How many times will Donald Trump tweet on January 20th, the same day of the Presidential Inauguration? Here’s what oddsmakers think.

According to oddsmakers from online sports book, the over/under for the number of times that Trump will tweet on January 20th has been set at 7.5. But the over has longer odds than the under, with the over carrying odds of +120 and the under carrying odds of -160. That means for every $100.00 that you wager on the over, you’ll cash $120.00 on a winning wager. For every $160.00 that you wager on the under, you’ll net $100.00 on a winning bet.

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This isn’t the only Presidential Inauguration betting prop that is available at either. Oddsmakers also list the odds that Trump will omit a word of the Presidential Oath at +250, so a winning wager would be $250.00 on a $100.00 bet. A wager on him not omitting a word of the Presidential Oath comes with costly odds at -400, so you’d have to wager $400.00 just to win $100.00.

What will be the length of Trump’s acceptance speech? The odds suggest that he’ll speak for over 22 minutes. Those odds are +150, while the odds that he’ll speak anywhere between 18 to 22 minutes are +200 and the odds that he’ll speak between 14 to 18 minutes are +300. The longer odds are if he speaks between 10 to 14 minutes (+550), and under 10 minutes, which has +750 odds.

Also, how many words will be included in Trump’s speech? The over/under has been set at 2,360 words with the same amount of odds (-120) listed for the over as the under (also -120).

Finally, what color will Trump’s tie be? The money is on red at -200, while blue has the next-best odds at +300. Yellow or gold has odds of +1000, while purple is +1200, white/silver is +2000, and black is +2500. “Other Color” is listed at +1100 odds.


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