Middlesbrough Gamstop Partnership

Middlesbrough FC Partnered With Gamstop

If you are playing at an online casino in the UK, chances are that you will have heard about Gamstop.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that allows online gamblers to control the amount of time they spend online at the gambling platforms. The objective of Gamstop is to put control in the hands of the gamblers in such a way that they can restrict themselves online through the scheme.

Once a player has had himself registered on Gamstop, they will be prevented from making use of online gambling websites and applications that are licensed and regulated in Great Britain itself. Furthermore, for the goodwill of the people, Gamstop comes as a free service in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and Great Britain.

Players can choose an option between 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years depending on how long they want to restrict themselves from gambling activities. When the duration of self-exclusion is over, one can return back to the Gamstop website to request removal from the self-exclusion scheme.

This self-exclusion scheme is operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. The entire scheme was set up to promote responsible gambling within the UK and neighbouring states. Now, the self-exclusion applies to casino games as well as sports betting options online. Thus, in order to promote Responsible Gambling among UK citizens, most football clubs have started to partner with Gamstop for a wider audience for the same.

Partnership Between Middlesbrough and Gamstop

Of late, a number of football clubs have signed up with Gamstop for a partnership deal wherein both parties promote the idea of safe and responsible gambling to the audience. The United Kingdom is a country where the majority of the residents are avid lovers of the game. At present, there are nine out of the twenty Premier League clubs which have signed shirt sponsorship deals with the UK gambling industry.

Similarly, Middleborough FC went in to form a union with Gamstop which made its side in the gambling industry loud and clear. Through this step, Middleborough became the first official UK football club to contribute to the Responsible Gambling Week of the year 2019.

This particular partnership will allow the objective of Gamstop to be heard by a larger audience; by daily football viewers. Through this partnership, Middleborough FC promoted Responsible Gambling via their social media handles and websites. Any UK resident who follows football closely will inadvertently come across the advertisements when they login to update themselves on the news of the club.

The partnership between Middlesbrough FC and Gamstop has proven to be so useful especially in times when people are locked up in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Residents are significantly more exposed to threats of gambling addiction as the quarantine has forced them to spend more and more time at home. People who are vulnerable to extreme boredom may resort to gambling endlessly which might turn into an obsession. The partnership established between Gamstop and Middlesbrough FC lends a helping hand in educating more and more people based out of the United Kingdom.

Since the viewership of English football extends beyond the United Kingdom, the regular viewers from the broad also automatically become a part of the campaign. Fiona Palmer, the chief executive of Gamstop, believes in the coalition and speaks proudly about how beneficial it will be for Gamstop to have a football club like Middleborough FC on board.

Partnerships between football clubs like Boro and Gamstop show a greater unity between the gambling industry and the football world which normalizes gambling activities and also makes sure that it provides for an excellent avenue for healthier behaviour when it comes to gambling.

Bettors from the UK also have access to many reputable football betting platforms not on Gamstop, yet offer the sea of lucrative bonuses and promotional schemes. Hence, UK players who have signed up for self-exclusion under the Gamstop, needn’t worry. 

Concluding Thoughts

Even though Middlesbrough FC is on the partnership deal to promote Responsible Gambling, this does not mean the end of the world. There are a number of football betting platforms not on Gamstop which accept wagerers from all over the world.

Thus, in the event that you have self-excluded yourself for a period longer than necessary or wish to take a break from the restriction, you can visit the non-Gamstop sports betting sites to enjoy some football action with live betting options online.

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