How to Handicap NFL First Half

How to Handicap the First Half of the NFL Betting Season

Handicapping the first half of the NFL season can be very confusing and challenging if it isn’t done the right way. This is largely based on the fact that a set of unique factors comes into play in the NFL betting lines for the first half of the 2017 season. NFL bettors must therefore stay on top of their game if they are to make the most the existing odds. Below are a number of noteworthy online NFL betting tips for handicapping the first half of the NFL season in a productive way.

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Top NFL Public Bets

#1 475 Carolina Panthers  91%
#2 477 New York Giants  85%
#3 425 Chicago Bears  84%
#4 416 Detroit Lions  82%
#5 455 Atlanta Falcons  82%
#6 454 Buffalo Bills  79%
#7 431 New York Giants  76%
#8 414 Dallas Cowboys  75%
#10 423 Los Angeles Rams  74%

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