GLENDALE, Ariz. (STATS) - For whatever reason, the NFL was adamant about getting its motto for this year's Super Bowl into the heads of all visitors to Arizona this week. Greeting all travelers as they reached baggage claim at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport was an expansive banner spelling out 'WHO WANTS IT MORE?' But that was only the beginning. Besides signs with the phrase plastered throughout the airport, there were similar posts all over the Phoenix area, as well as on most game-related paraphernalia. Good luck trying to convince Tom Brady that Eli Manning's team won because "it wanted it more."
ed to be in the Valley of the Sun. Sparks, a native of Glendale, is the daughter of former Giants cornerback Philippi Sparks, and Keys is a New York native who is not the biggest of football fans but was rooting hard for the Giants. "My tour is gonna end at Madison Square Garden in New York, home of the future Super Bowl champion New York Giants," she prophetically said before the game.
BOOZIN' BASEBALLERS: Former Atlanta Braves teammates Mike Hampton and Marcus Giles were seen together in a popular sushi bar throwing back shots Friday. The injury-prone Hampton, who hasn't pitched in the majors since September 11, 2005, has been working out in Phoenix and has a clean bill of health going into spring training. Many of Hampton's current teammates began prepping for the 2008 season at Turner Field that same day as part of pitching coach Roger McDowell's pre-spring training conditioning camp.
ROSENHAUS ROYALTY: In the media center Thursday, Drew Rosenhaus may have been trying to land his biggest client ever - literally. The superagent was on the phone, with the look of a man trying to strike another deal, as he stood alongside The King, the large-headed mascot for Burger King.
uars quarterback was very accommodating to radio shows asking for his time, and was usually more than willing to take pictures with admiring fans. However, Garrard did have a little bit of a newfound air of star quality, wearing some flashy jewelry and fancy suits, including one which involved a red velvet jacket that clearly stood out.
rre happening."
ls got Jared Fogle to the Super Bowl, not a bad perk for losing hundreds of pounds. Maybe he was good luck for Michael Strahan, who had a sack in the game and helped his team win the championship. One of Jared's Subway commercials, which started runing in 2006, included an appearance by Strahan.
SUPER SMUT: Both Playboy and Penthouse magazines held Super Bowl parties in Phoenix suburbs. No, nude women were not the featured attractions at these bashes, but there were plenty of people to look at. While the Penthouse party featured a performance from Snoop Dogg, the Playboy shindig had plenty of bunnies hopping around along with some celebs - including the ladies of 'The Girls Next Door'. But the star quotient likely would have been dialed up had the venue not been in the far-off suburb of Chandler. Clearly famous people weren't the only ones partying with the beautiful women of those magazines. "We snuck our way into the Penthouse party last night," Boston native Darren Abrahmson said. "It was a good scene, a lot of delicious people were there."

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