NFL Week 11 Best Parlay Bets

NFL Week 11 - 5 NFL Parlay Bets Your Online Bookie Is Watching

As always, pay per head agents are watching the NFL parlay bets for Week 11. Many online bookies are likely to offer incentives for the following parlays.


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NFL Week 11 Parlays – What Bookies are Watching

Below, I’ve listed 5 teams that online bookie agents don’t want NFL handicappers to put into any parlays.

In fact, it might be difficult to find a bookmaker that allows bettors to put a couple of the 5 teams listed into any parlay wagers.

Then, I’ll tell you how bookies might set their books this week. .

Detroit Lions -3 at Chicago Bears

Over 80% of football handicappers back the Detroit Lions at -3. Although personal handicapping tells some bookmakers that Chicago has a big shotto win the game straight up, bookies are more likely to try to boost profits on ATS wagers on the Lions then to allow parlay bets on the Lions.

80% is a huge number.

Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 at Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles go into Dallas off a bye. Not only are the Eagles the best team in the NFL based on their record, they also face a Dallas team without starting RB Ezekiel Elliott.

The Cowboys got some other bad news in Week 10. Their best LB, Sean Lee, is out until late December.

77% of bettors favor the Eagles at -2.5

Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints -7.5

Only 61% of NFL handicappers so far back the New Orleans Saints at -7.5 versus Washington this Sunday.

Per head agents know that the Saints have covered in 7 straight games. That could lead to some bookies disallowing the Saints from being a part of any parlay bets.

Kansas City Chiefs -10 at New York Giants

70% of NFL handicappers are all over the Kansas City Chiefs. The New York Giants might be the worst team in the NFL while the Chiefs face the Giants off a bye.

KC’s offense should pummel a Giants’ offense that allowed San Francisco to score 31 points against it in Week 10.

New England Patriots -6.5 vs Oakland Raiders

The New England Patriots are always a popular addition to any parlay wagers. Right now, 65% of bettors prefer the Patriots at -6.5 over the Raiders. The game takes place in Mexico City.

New England could be in danger of losing the game straight up because they must travel much further than Oakland.

What to Expect From Your Bookie

If any online bookie agents wish to pump profits in NFL Week 11, they won’t use their layoff accounts on the above 5 teams. Allowing any of the above 5 teams to be a part of any NFL parlay bets could be risky.

Bettors should expect max betting limits on parlays, and for at least 2 of the teams above, probably Detroit and Philadelphia, to be excluded from any parlay bets.

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