NFL Week 9 Key Betting Matchups

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There are 4 matchups in NFL Week 9 that online bookies are excited about. Agents can be excited about NFL matchups for several reasons.

NFL Week 9

The two main reasons youronline bookies are excited for NFL Week 9, is that there are games they don’t have to use their layoff accounts for, and they have they have other games with equal numbers of dollars bet on both sides of a spread.

Check out the 4 below that your sportsbooks are paying attention to.

Oakland Raiders -3 at Miami Dolphins +3

74% back the Raiders at -3 versus the Miami Dolphins. Thats a huge percentage of players. Its difficult to understand why. The Raiders go to Miami after having lost 14 to 34 to the Buffalo Bills.

Oakland is not a very good road team. Not only that, but the Raiders only have 12 sacks on the season.

Per head agents are giddy with the prospect of not using their layoff accounts in this game. If Miami blows up huge bets on Oakland, agents stand to gain massive profit.

Washington Redskins +7 at Seattle Seahawks -7

Bookies want as many wagers on Washington vs Seattle as possible. The reason is because based on the percentages, so far, bettors are backing both Washington and the Seahawks in their Sunday matchup.

49% are with Washington. 51% are with Seattle. Not even worrying about having to use the layoff account can make some agents as happy as seeing an opportunity for a huge payout.

Buffalo Bills -3 at New York Jets +3

64% are on Buffalo at -3 versus the Jets. This could be an opportunity for per head agents to make a killing off the Jets.

Buffalo just traded the Carolina Panthers for WR Kelvin Benjamin. Once the news comes out, the percentage of Buffalo bettors might rise to something like 67%.

Are the Jets a bad play? Maybe. But, before pounding the Bills, be aware that more than one online bookie is going to take a shot on the Jets covering.

Detroit Lions -2.5 at Green Bay Packers +2.5

Another short cover that could lead to riches for agents is when Detroit takes on Green Bay. The Lions are favored because Green Bay must start backup QB Brett Hundley.

But, Green Bay goes into this battle off a bye week. Does anyone really believe that all Packers coach Mike McCarthy and Hundley spoke about was what they were doing on their days off?

The Packers are a viable threat to beat Detroit straight up. Only 35% of football handicappers believe Green Bay covers the spread. Online bookie agents could take advantage.

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