Best NFL Week 7 Matchups

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NFL Week 7 is just about here. There are 4 matchups in NFL Week 7 that online bookie agents are watching.

By understanding how bookmakers think, sports bettors can get a feel for what the optimal plays might be. Keep reading to find out what bookies are thinking in NFL Week 7.

NFL Week 7 Top Match-ups for Sportsbooks

New Orleans Saints -6 at Green Bay Packers +6

The Saints are garnering 64% of the money bet against the spread. New Orleans has won 3 games in a row.

They’re en fuego as the saying goes while Green Bay lost arguably their best player of all time in QB Aaron Rodgers.

Expect bookmakers to change the line via a line mover. Or, some bookmakers might cut off betting on this game all together.

Carolina Panthers -3 at Chicago Bears +3

Around 80% of bettors prefer the Panthers at -3 compared to the Chicago Bears at +3. This could turn into a huge problem for those players that haven’t dumped on the Panthers already.

Why? Online bookies won’t hesitate to pull this game off the board. Also, expect that, soon if not already, Panthers versus Bears won’t be allowed to be a part of any parlay bets.

Dallas Cowboys -6 at San Francisco 49’ers +6

Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott can play this Saturday versus the San Francisco 49’ers. Some cagey bookmakers love that fact because they see the Niners being very positive ATS at +6.

Don’t be surprised if some online bookies promote wagers on Dallas. There should be plenty of bookmakers that allow players to put the Boys into all parlays.

One change bookmakers might make is setting max betting limits on the 49’ers to win straight up.

SF has been knocking on the door to a win the past few weeks. They’re due.

Cincinnati Bengals +5 at Pittsburgh Steelers -5

Yes, Pittsburgh was great when beating Kansas City 19 to 13 in NFL Week 6. But, the Steeler haven’t put together 2 straight top efforts this season.

Could Pitt bounce? That’s the question that bookmakers are asking themselves right now.

Those online bookies that believe Pitt could bounce might allow money bet on the Steelers to ride. Most players are leaning to Pittsburgh as 60% prefer the Steelers at -5 over Cincinnati.

Here’s another ATS game that bookmakers might allow to play out without using their layoff accounts.

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