5 Expert Tips for Wagering on the NFL

Betting Made Simple: 5 Experts Tips for Wagering On the NFL

If you're considering placing your first bet on an NFL team, you are certainly not alone.

As online sports betting has become legalised across the US, the market for NFL wagering is predicted to grow sixfold by 2025, with billions of dollars being wagered every single year. You might be new to the NFL entirely, wagering from somewhere outside of the US, as increasing numbers of fans are choosing to do.

Whatever the reason, NFL betting does not need to be a complicated endeavour. Sure, the established sportsbooks might be heavy on the jargon, but that does not mean that even a beginner can't quickly master to tricks of the trade. With that in mind, here are our five essential expert tips for anyone wishing to place a bet on the NFL. 

1. Know Your Spread

As explained in this in-depth guide to NFL predictions, spread betting is by far the most common form of wagering in the NFL. This is a form of betting that incentivises betting on the underdog and evens out the playing field by saying that a team must win by a certain amount of points for the bet to payout.

An example would be a situation where the Raiders have a spread of +5 as the underdogs, meaning they would not have to win outright for you to win the bet, so long as they do not lose by more than 5 points. You'll hear spread betting referred to as betting against the spread, betting the spread, point spread betting, or ATS.

2. Shop Around 

One thing that many first-time punters don't realise is that different bookmakers offer vastly different spreads and odds. This means that your bets and your payouts will be worth significantly different amounts depending on who you choose to place a bet with. Keep this in mind before you make your wager, as extending your bankroll is key to success. 

3. Keep Your Cool

The NFL predictions and betting market is a heavily saturated one, to say the least. In the runup to and aftermath of any major game, you'll be bombarded with hundreds of hot takes from sports sites and betting platforms. While it is important to stay informed, remember to try and look towards the long game with your betting strategy, as a measure of consistency can pay off. 

4. Moneylines Are Always Worth a Shot

Many people neglect Moneyline bets in favour of spread betting, as they see spreads as the best odds. However, a Moneyline bet, in which you are running a straight-up wager on the outright winner of the game, is often a good idea. Although the return-on-investment is not as strong, Moneyline bets are easier to understand when reading the latest NFL odds and are ideal for novice bettors. 

5. Don't Forget About College Football 

Finally, make sure that you are not focusing all of your attention on the NFL. The world of NFL odds also includes college football picks, which is an immense sector of American football with hundreds of games taking place every single weekend across almost 900 teams. If you do your research and focus on one or two teams, college football can be your chance to find a hidden gem to wager on. 

When you understanding these simple tenets of American football, you can start making informed and empowered betting decisions. 

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