Five Teams in Position to Sign Kaepernick

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It is increasingly looking more likely that Colin Kaepernick will return to the NFL. The reality is that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and one time champion of the NFC, has not been involved in an NFL game since 2016.  But the pressure to get him back to the fold is becoming very strong. There are indications that some teams are showing interest in getting his signature in 2020, for the first time since his NFL-orchestrated workout in 2019.

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The death of George Floyd in the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has brought to life a wave of protests all over the world in favor of racial justice, and the NFL has also made a U-turn to support the type of protest that Colin led as an NFL player in 2016. He had also spent a lot of money to champion the cause, and taking the knee which is his signature sign of protest has become a global affair.

There are currently claims by some of the NFL coaches that they’ve been interested in signing him a long time ago, and some even had phone conversations about him. With the situation on ground at the moment, the people at the Hall of Home are already speculating where he would probably land. According to super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, signing of Kaepernick by one of the NFL teams is only a matter of time. The player in question is believed to be more motivated than ever to get back to the field of play, and we ask; who wouldn’t be?

The commissioner of the NFL has also joined the fray, with the statement that he is ready to welcome the player back to the NFL, and is advising teams to sign him. The same thing has also been said by one of the executive members, Troy Vincent. He posited that Kaepernick is wanted back by the league.

Things are not exactly perfect at the moment, but the NFL has gotten on board the social change train at least. So, we’ve made a list of the most likely teams to sign him in the coming days.

1. Baltimore Ravens

This seems to be the team that is most overtly connected to Kaepernick. The first person here is the man named Greg Roman. He was the person that unleashed Colin with the 49ers and is currently doing the same thing with Lamar Jackson for the Ravens. In one of his interviews in 2019, he posited that the body of work of the quarterback simply shines through for all to see, and if they get to sign him, he can simply use him as a situational option QB, as Jackson’s insurance or as a decoy. While they have such players in Trace McSorley and Robert Griffin III, Colin is a better and bigger player in that position than both of them.

They made an attempt to get his signature under John Harbaugh, at the time when his brother Jim was handling the Niners and Colin was drafted and turned into a star player. But now that the entire NFL is in support of his message, and the Ravens are pushing for the Super Bowl, he would be a great addition to the team.

2. Houston Texas

There is an existing dual-threat franchise quarterback in Texas, and he is young too. But this makes it even more fitting for them to bring in Kaepernick, because AJ McCarron stands as a conventional type of pocket passer for the coach. But the team still has a space for more caps, and the best person to command such a move off the roster is O'Brien.

The next reason we look up to them to do something is because the entire big names among the coaching and management staff of the team have always talked about the need for social justice. O'Brien has even decided to also take the knee during the national anthem in games this season. He is already about signing Eric Reid who is among the people that started the protest with Colin, so why won’t Colin be the next, especially when you consider his wing and position, and how the team will find him useful.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Now, the fact that the Jaguars are determined to run away from distractions and make the audition of Gardner Minshew as a quarterback the highlight of the year makes this to seem like an onerous task. However, when you look at the fact that Shad Khan the owner of the team has spoken in clear terms against injustice, you understand that bringing in Kaepernick would be the icing on the cake, and would signal an action backed support of his civil rights activism. Also when you look at the entertainment and on field angle of it, the challenge that Kaepernick will bring to Minshew, even if he has to be in the wings till he gets his chance, will push people to become better.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

The best person to guide this young man on his epic return to the NFL fold would be Andy Reid. He has a cast that supports super bowl winning, and is always out to bring in controversial quarterbacks. He can simply get this man as a backup for the NFL’s best young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, because he also has the Lombardi Trophy and the trust of the owners because of that. Here, Kaepernick would be better at playmaking than Chad Henne in his backup role. The man he is coming to backup has also been on and on about the NFL's proactive actions against social injustice, so everybody would expect him to understand the move. Just consider Kaepernick at an offensive spot for the Chiefs managed by Reid. You simply can’t deny the potential.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

Pending when the first round pick,Justin Herbert becomes available, the Chargers are looking set to allow Tyrod Taylor man the position of the quarterback for them. But they tried Tom Brady too, and they have come to terms with their potential as contenders for 2020. So, bringing in Kaepernick will entail bringing in a veritable alternative for the year, and instead of the Herbert and or Taylor system, Herbert would be afforded more learning time at the sidelines after a brief offseason. Considering it from an off field angle, it is obvious that Anthony Lynn will buy into this, as he has commended the work of Kaepernick this offseason.

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