What Bookies are Anticipating for SB

Super Bowl LII Betting Predictions: What Your Bookies are Anticipating

It’s always good to know what online bookies think. This is especially true when it comes to a huge sports betting event like Super Bowl LII.

Knowing what actions bookies take in their sportsbooks, goes a long way to helps sports bettors create successful Super Bowl LII wagers.

Super Bowl LII: What Are Per Head Agents Anticipating?

Check out the current odds on Super Bowl 52

Philadelphia Eagles +5 vs New England Patriots -5

Over/Under Total: 48

The total opened at 48. It’s remained at 48. Agents won’t do much with the total other than utilize their layoff accounts. Confident agents that do their own handicapping might shun their layoff accounts when it comes to the 48 over/under total.

When it comes to the spread, things are slightly different. The line opened at New England -5.5. Since that time, the line has fallen a full half a point to New England -5. This is strange.

Often, betting lines go up on the Super Bowl favorite. Why? Casual bettors, the weekend Vegas raider, bets well before pro bettors.

Casual bettors often love Super Bowl favorites. Even down half a point, most bettors remain all over the Eagles.

64% want to take the 5 points on Philly. Only 36% want to lay the 5 points on the New England Patriots.

What Your Pay Per Head Agents Will Do:

The best way for pay per head agents to utilize the layoff account is when pro players have a much different idea about a spread than casual players.

Bookies profit more than just the vig when they’re on the right side of a pro player versus casual player battle. The reason is that in most cases more money has been bet on the casual player side than it has on the pro player side.

In the case of Super Bowl 52, it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen. Both casual bettors and pro bettors, so far, are siding with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Unless pro players bail out the Patriots next week, the betting line should drop even further.

What will pay per head agents do in this case? They’ll first set a scheduling limit override, meaning there will be a point when bettors can’t place money on Super Bowl LII.

Next, they’ll set max betting limits on the Eagles to win on the money line.

Finally, they might take the Super Bowl LII ATS wager off the board. That’s when online bookie agents will use their layoff accounts to ensure they can at least score profit with the vig.

If you’re ready to start cashing in on the vig, then it’s time to become a pay per head agent. Getting with the right sportsbook management software will help you become a successful agent with a profitable sportsbook.

Start by checking out PayPerHead.com, they’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have helped beginners build their sportsbook empire.

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