Super Bowl LII Futures Bet Update

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Online bookie agents are currently accepting wagers on Super Bowl LII futures. Super Bowl LII future odds have changed dramatically in the past couple of weeks.

Why? The Philadelphia Eagles lost QB Carson Wentz for the playoffs.

It’s important for sports bettors to consider how agents are using per head tools to manage Super Bowl future bets. First, check out the updated odds.

Second, check out some of the things you might discover when you go to make a Super Bowl future bet.

2018 Super Bowl Future Odds

New England Patriots +240

Pittsburgh Steelers +600

Minnesota Vikings +600

New Orleans Saints +900

Philadelphia Eagles +1000

L.A. Rams +1000

After Wentz’s injury, the odds on the New England Patriots dropped from +300 to +240. The odds on the Philadelphia Eagles rose from +350 to +1000. At this point, the Eagles are the third favorite in the NFC.

Pittsburgh remains the second favorite in the AFC. Pittsburgh’s odds took a slight hit after their Week 15 loss to the New England Patriots. A win might have lowered the Steelers’ odds while raising the Patriots’ odds.

The loss, per most NFL analysts, almost guarantees that New England gets home field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs.

The Rams beat a very good team in Week 15, the Seattle Seahawks. However, in Week 14, Philadelphia pummeled the Rams.

That’s why oddsmakers, and sports bettors haven’t made the Rams a bigger favorite than Philly even though the Eagles are without Wentz.

How are pay per head agents handling updated Super Bowl LII odds?

See below for some of the tools they’re using:

Tools Your Bookies Are Using

Max betting limits – Many agents have already instituted max betting limits onto all players that wager in their books. Using a tool like the mass editing tool, players can limit totals bet from each player at something like $200.

Once a sports bettor has wagered $200 on Super Bowl LII futures, that’s it. No more bets are allowed.

Tiered max betting limits – Some per head agents might use a tiered max betting limit process. What this means is that as the odds on potential Super Bowl LII winners rise, the max betting limit lowers.

The most allowed to wager on New England at +240 might be $500. The most allowed to wager on the Steelers at +600 might be $250. The most on any double-digit choice might only be $100.

By doing this, agents prevent any one player from betting too much on anyone choice. That way, they can manage potential payouts before the Super Bowl takes place.

Thinking like an online bookie agent helps sports bettors consider what might be their optimal bets.

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