How Bookies Protect Profit in March

March Madness Betting: How Your Bookies Protect Their Profit

The 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament started Thursday and the 3-week March Madness Tournament is one of the most important sports events of the year for sports bettors. Here is how bookies protect their profit throughout March Madness.

How Per Head Agents Protect Their College Hoops Tournament Profits

Remember: This is also one of the most important sports events of the year for online bookie agents.

Keep reading to find out how online bookie agents intend to protect their profit during the 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

Most online bookies can perform the following protections.

Money line max betting limits

Because information isn’t as prevalent on teams in the NCAA Tournament, money lines could be skewed. Dogs might be under appreciated on money lines.

Dogs over favorites almost always occur in Round 1 and Round 2.

The savvy bookmaker will set max betting limits on all money line bets regardless of odds.

Layoff account

Pay per head agents that have signed up with a company like have access to a layoff account. A layoff account allows agents to lay off money bet on one side of a spread.

Most bookmakers won’t hesitate to utilize their layoff accounts if they must.

Line mover

Via PayPerHead’s Prime Package, bookies can access a line mover. Bookies won’t hesitate to change betting lines, especially adding or subtracting a half a point.

Why half a point? One of the most important ways bookies protect profits on spread bets is to ensure they never must issue refunds.

Take games off the board

Online bookies could just take a game off the board. This isn’t out of the question. For example, 73% of sports bettors believe that Gonzaga covers the -12.5 spread versus UNC-Greensboro in Round 1 of the NCAA men’s College Basketball Tournament. If pay per head agents see that Gonzaga has already been over bet. They might use their layoff accounts and then take the game off the board.


Many bookmakers use promotions to protect profit. How? Promotions encourage action on specific games.

Bookies choose which specific March Madness games to promote. Professional bookmakers choose the hardest to handicap games.

This leads to profit for the bookmaker and losses for the sports bettor.

That doesn’t mean you, the sports bettor, shouldn’t take advantage of promotions. Promotions are often fair to sports bettors because the online bookie’s goal is to ensure overall profit.

They don’t signal out single bettors with promotions.

If you’re a sports bettor ready to start his or her own sportsbook for March Madness, now is the time. offers premium tools with their Prime Plan, such as the Line Mover.

Right now, those who sign up for March Madness today will get it for 50%!

For the rest of the College Hoop bettors – good luck and happy betting!


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