An Early Look at the Top 16

How Your Bookies Are Reacting To The Early Top 16 Bracket

The NCAA Tournament is just about here. Sports bettors should be thinking about the best way to crush their online bookies during the NCAA Tournament.

Current Top 16 Bracket

Because the first Top 16 Bracket for the 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament has come out, bookie agents are already preparing for future bets on the NCAA Tournament.

Check out what those agents are thinking.

1. Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Purdue

Villanova could be without two starters. Its likely agents aren’t taking the Wildcats all that seriously to win the NCAA Tournament.

Virginia must be taken seriously because they have the best defense in college basketball.

However, they’re just not set up for tournament success because they don’t have that special player.

Xavier could be a surprise team. As could Purdue. Sports bettors shouldn’t be surprised if pay per head agents set max betting limits on Xavier and Purdue.

2. Auburn, Kansas, Duke, Cincinnati

Auburn has no real NCAA Tournament history. They’re a top scoring team that doesn’t play defense all that well.

Kansas doesn’t have it this year. The Jayhawks might not even be the best team in the deep Big 12 Conference.

Both Cincinnati and Duke could cause online bookie agents to have nightmares. Cincinnati’s defense is almost as good as Virginia’s. The Bearcats have a more efficient offense, though.

Duke is talented. Coach K hasn’t gotten the Dookies to play together just yet. If he does, they’ll be the team to beat.

3. Clemson, Texas Tech, Michigan State, North Carolina

Texas Tech has no real tournament history. It’s difficult to see bookmakers worrying a ton about the Red Raiders.

Clemson could be scary. Michigan State is almost always a contender. The Spartans don’t always get to the Sweet 16, though.

The team that online bookies are worried about are the North Carolina Tar Heels. The defending NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament champions have slowly put everything together as the season has gone on.

NC is playing its best basketball of the season.

4. Tennessee, Ohio State, Arizona, Oklahoma

Oklahoma has Trae Young, the next Steph Curry, but that’s all it has. The Sooners don’t play defense well enough to win the NCAA Tournament.

Neither Tennessee, nor Ohio State, should cause much concern. Pay per head agents are likely to regard both as longshots.

The real team to watch among this 4 are the Arizona Wildcats. DeAndre Ayton is an absolute beast of a center. He can also shoot the three.

Bookmakers almost assuredly will have betting limits on the Arizona Wildcats to win the NCAA Tournament.

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