NCAA Men's Hoops Updated Odds

NCAA Basketball Update And Predictions From The Bookies

Now that the Super Bowl has finished, it’s time for sports bettors to turn their attention to the next big wagering event. That’s the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

Online bookie agents are already planning for March Madness. Sports bettors should plan as well.

Check out current NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship odds along with what bookmakers are thinking.

2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Odds

Villanova 5/1

Virginia 11/2

Michigan State 13/2

Duke 7/1

Purdue 8/1

Arizona 14/1


Villanova has become a solid 5 to 1 favorite to win its second National Championship in the past 3 seasons. Nova is loaded even if one of its star players, Phil Booth, is likely out until next season.

But, Nova’s odds are more of a bookie admission that this year’s NCAA Tournament field shouldn’t be nearly as deep as past season’s NCAA Tournament fields.

Pay per head agents should treat Villanova like they would any other tournament favorite, with kids’ gloves until there’s a reason not to.

That means allowing wagers on Villanova to win at 5/1 until max betting limits have been reached.

Virginia, Duke, and Michigan State

Most agents understand that of the two ACC teams listed, Duke and Virginia, the Virginia Cavaliers are by far the more dangerous to win the NCAA Tournament. Virginia beat Duke on the square just last week on the Dookies’ home floor.

Duke has talent. It doesn’t have experience.

Virginia’s got talent and experience. Michigan State has talent and experience. But, Michigan State’s program often manages to lose in the early rounds of the tournament.

Because of that, don’t be surprised if some per head agents promote future action on both Michigan State and Duke. Those same agents are likely to set hard max betting limits on Villanova and Virginia.

It’s difficult to see allowing anybody to wager more than $200 to $500 on either Nova or the Cavaliers.

Purdue & Arizona

That leaves us with the final two betting interests on this list, the Purdue Boilermakers at 8 to 1 and the Arizona Wildcats at 14/1. Purdue can hang with Michigan State.

That makes them a possible player in the NCAA Tournament. Some bookies won’t hesitate setting max betting limits on Purdue at $100 to $200.

Arizona has looked great at times during this season. At other times during the season, Arizona has looked terrible. However, the most dominant player in college basketball, 7’ 1”, 250 lbs, DeAndre Ayton, plays for the Wildcats.

Ayton could dominate in the NCAA Tournament. At 14 to 1, most sports bettors should consider laying money on Zona to win the National Championship.

Bookmakers also know this, which is why Arizona might not even be on the board in some books.

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