Lawrence, 29-5.
Nickname: Jayhawks. Coach: Bill Self.
Conference: Big 12. Bid: Big 12 champion.
Region: South. Seed: No. 1.
Tournament Record: 93-40, 41 years. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (75.4); Ben McLemore 16.4; Jeff Withey 13.6; Travis Releford 11.5; Elijah Johnson 10.1.
Rebounds: Team (39.1); Jeff Withey 8.4; Kelvin Young 6.6; Ben McLemore 5.3.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.6/13.7); Elijah Johnson 4.8/3.1; Naadir Tharpe 3.0/1.3; Travis Releford 2.6/1.6.
3-pointers: Team (.367); Ben McLemore 69; Elijah Johnson 49; Travis Releford 38; Naadir Tharpe 32.
Last Ten: 9-1.
The Skinny: Nine straight Big 12 titles, a Final Four team a year ago, playing as a No. 1 seed near home at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. Have to like the Jayhawks' chances of going far.

Western Kentucky
Bowling Green, Ky., 20-15.
Nickname: Hilltoppers. Coach: Ray Harper.
Conference: Sun Belt. Bid: Sun Belt champion.
Region: South. Seed: No. 16.
Tournament Record: 19-23, 22 years. Last NCAA Appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (67.2); T.J. Price 15.3; George Fant 12.9; Jamal Crook 12.0.
Rebounds: Team (36.2); George Fant 6.8; Brandon Harris 5.7; T.J. Price 4.4.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (11.2/15.1); Jamal Crook 4.0/2.3; T.J. Price 2.4/2.7.
3-pointers: Team (.324); T.J. Price 79; Brandon Harris 64; Kavein Kaspar 36.
Last Ten: 7-3.
The Skinny: The Hilltoppers recovered from a rough stretch in the middle of the season by winning four games in four days to take the Sun Belt tourney title - for the second straight season.
North Carolina
Chapel Hill, 24-10.
Nickname: Tar Heels. Coach: Roy Williams.
Conference: Atlantic Coast. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 8.
Tournament Record: 108-41, 43 years. Last NCAA Appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (77.2); James Michael McAdoo 14.4; P.J. Hairston 14.3; Reggie Bullock 14.2.
Rebounds: Team (38.9); James Michael McAdoo 7.4; Reggie Bullock 6.6; P.J. Hairston 4.2.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (17.3/12.2); Marcus Paige 4.7/2.4; Dexter Strickland 4.2/1.3; Reggie Bullock 2.9/1.1.
3-pointers: Team (.374); Reggie Bullock 84; P.J. Hairston 81; Leslie McDonald 41; Marcus Paige 41.
Last Ten: 8-2.
The Skinny: Reaching the ACC final did the Tar Heels a world of good, even if they lost to Miami. Coach Roy Williams one win from 700.

Philadelphia, 20-13.
Nickname: Wildcats. Coach: Jay Wright.
Conference: Big East. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 9.
Tournament Record: 49-32, 32 years. Last NCAA Appearance: 2011.
Scoring: Team (67.8); JayVaughn Pinkston 13.1; Ryan Arcidiacono 12.0; Darrun Hilliard 11.2; Mouphtaou Yarou 9.7.
Rebounds: Team (36.3); Mouphtaou Yarou 7.8; JayVaughn Pinkston 4.9; James Bell 4.2; Daniel Ochefu 4.1.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.3/15.7); Ryan Arcidiacono 3.5/2.8; JayVaughn Pinkston 1.8/2.5.
3-pointers: Team (.336); Ryan Arcidiacono 70; James Bell 55; Darrun Hilliard 37.
Last Ten: 6-4.
The Skinny: Average run in Big East season and a loss in tournament quarterfinals were outweighed by strong schedule and solid RPI.
Virginia Commonwealth
Richmond, 26-8.
Nickname: Rams. Coach: Shaka Smart.
Conference: Atlantic 10. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 5.
Tournament Record: 11-11, 11 years. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (77.3); Treveon Graham 15.5; Juvonte Reddic 14.4; Troy Daniels 12.1; Rob Brandenberg 10.4.
Rebounds: Team (34.8); Juvonte Reddic 8.3; Treveon Graham 6.0.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.7/11.8); Darrius Theus 4.9/1.9; Briante Weber 2.8/1.2.
3-pointers: Team (.352); Troy Daniels 117; Treveon Graham 51; Rob Brandenberg 46.
Last Ten: 7-3.
The Skinny: Shaka Smart and the Rams were a surprise Final Four team two years ago. Could another mid-major run be in the works for the A-10 champs?

Akron, Ohio, 26-6.
Nickname: Zips. Coach: Keith Dambrot.
Conference: Mid-American. Bid: MAC champion.
Region: South. Seed: No. 12.
Tournament Record: 0-3, 3 years. Last appearance: 2011.
Scoring: Team (72.7); Zeke Marshall 13.0; Demetrius Treadwell 11.4; Alex Abreu 10.3; Nick Harney 9.71.
Rebounds: Team (37.9); Demetrius Treadwell 7.9; Zeke Marshall 7.1; Nick Harney 4.0.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.0/13.6); Alex Abreu 6.0/2.9; Brian Walsh 1.6/0.6; Carmelo Betancourt 1.5/1.8.
3-pointers: Team (.337); Alex Abreu 50; Jake Kretzer 46; Brian Walsh 40; Reggie McAdams 37.
Last Ten: 8-2.
The Skinny: Zips are big and athletic and overcame the suspension of three-year starting point guard Alex Abreu to win the conference title. Coach Dambrot faces one of his former assistants.
Ann Arbor, 26-7.
Nickname: Wolverines. Coach: John Beilein.
Conference: Big Ten. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 4.
Tournament Record: 43-22, 23 years. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (75.2); Trey Burke 19.2; Tim Hardaway Jr. 14.8; Nik Stauskas 11.5; Glenn Robinson III 10.7.
Rebounds: Team (35.1); Mitch McGary 5.5; Glenn Robinson III 5.4; Jordan Morgan 4.7; Tim Hardaway Jr. 4.7.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.3/9.2); Trey Burke 6.7/2.0; Tim Hardaway Jr. 2.3/2.0.
3-pointers: Team (.383); Nik Stauskas 71; Trey Burke 65; Tim Hardaway Jr. 60.
Last Ten: 5-5.
The Skinny: A top-10 team for a good chunk of the season, the Wolverines struggled down the stretch. But with the trio of Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glenn Robinson III, they're going to be a handful for whoever they face.

South Dakota State
Brookings, 25-9.
Nickname: Jackrabbits. Coach: Scott Nagy.
Conference: Summit League. Bid: Summit champion.
Region: South. Seed: No. 13.
Tournament Record: 0-1, 1 year. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (73.9); Nate Wolters 22.7; Jordan Dykstra 12.5; Tony Fiegen 10.0; Chad White 10.0.
Rebounds: Team (34.7); Jordan Dykstra 7.9; Nate Wolters 5.6; Tony Fiegen 5.5; Chad White 4.0.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.5/10.4); Nate Wolters 5.8/2.3; Brayden Carlson 2.4/1.1.
3-pointers: Team (.394); Chad White 75; Nate Wolters 64; Jordan Dykstra 55; Brayden Carlson 48.
Last Ten: 7-3.
The Skinny: Jackrabbits have made it two straight NCAA tournaments after getting in for the first time a year ago. Summit League player of the year Nate Wolters was fourth nationally with 22.7 points per game.
Los Angeles, 25-9.
Nickname: Bruins. Coach: Ben Howland.
Conference: Pac-12. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 6.
Tournament Record: 100-37, 44 years. Last NCAA Appearance: 2011.
Scoring: Team (74.7); Shabazz Muhammad 17.8; Jordan Adams 15.3 (injured); Travis Wear 11.2; Kyle Anderson 9.8.
Rebounds: Team (36.3); Kyle Anderson 8.6; Shabazz Muhammad 5.3; Travis Wear 5.2; David Wear 5.0.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.1/11.1); Larry Drew II 7.4/2.4; Kyle Anderson 3.5/2.0.
3-pointers: Team (.339); Jordan Adams 46 (injured); Shabazz Muhammad 40.
Last Ten: 7-3.
The Skinny: The Bruins won the Pac-12 regular-season title, but fell short in the tournament title game after freshman Jordan Adams broke his right foot. UCLA will have to retool its offense.

Minneapolis, 20-12
Nickname: Golden Gophers. Coach: Tubby Smith.
Conference: Big Ten. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 11.
Tournament Record: 12-11, 11 years. Last appearance: 2010.
Scoring: Team (68.4); Andre Hollins 13.9; Austin Hollins 10.6; Rodney Williams 10.3; Trevor Mbakwe 10.0.
Rebounds: Team (38.8); Trevor Mbakwe 8.7; Rodney Williams 5.1.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.8/13.8); Andre Hollins 3.4/2.3; Austin Hollins 2.5/1.3.
3-pointers: Team (.326); Andre Hollins 70; Austin Hollins 47.
Last Ten: 3-7.
The Skinny: Gophers are athletic enough to knock off UCLA in the opening round, and keep going.
Gainesville, 26-7.
Nickname: Gators. Coach: Billy Donovan.
Conference: Southeastern. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 3.
Tournament Record: 35-15, 17 years. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (71.6); Erik Murphy 12.6; Kenny Boynton 12.3; Mike Rosario 12.3; Patric Young 10.3, Scottie Wilbekin 9.0.
Rebounds: Team (35.1); Patric Young 6.2; Will Yeguete 5.8; Erik Murphy 5.5.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.8/11.1); Scottie Wilbekin 5.0/2.0; Kenny Boynton 3.0/1.3; Mike Rosario 2.2/1.8.
3-pointers: Team (.380); Erik Murphy 68; Kenny Boynton 67; Mike Rosario 51; Michael Frazier II 50; Scottie Wilbekin 36.
Last Ten: 6-4.
The Skinny: Great guards, solid frontcourt, one of the best defensive teams in the country - wouldn't be a huge surprise if the Gators made the short trip to Atlanta.

Northwestern State
Natchitoches, La., 23-8.
Nickname: Demons. Coach: Mike McConathy.
Conference: Southland. Bid: Southland champion.
Region: South. Seed: No. 14.
Tournament Record: 2-2, 2 years. Last NCAA Appearance: 2006.
Scoring: Team (81.0); DeQuan Hicks 14.1; Shamir Davis 12.5; James Hulbin 12.1; Jalan West 10.3.
Rebounds: Team (39.3); James Hulbin 5.9; DeQuan Hicks 5.8; Marvin Frazier 4.1.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.5/14.0); Jalan West 5.2/1.9.; Brison White 2.3/1.4; Shamir Davis 2.2/1.8.
3-pointers: Team (.317); Jalan West 49; James Hulbin 35; Shamir Davis 32.
Last Ten: 8-2.
The Skinny: The highest-scoring team in the country will be fun to watch and could ruin a few brackets.
San Diego State
San Diego, 22-10.
Nickname: Aztecs. Coach: Steve Fisher.
Conference: Mountain West. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 7.
Tournament Record: 2-8, 8 years. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (69.2); Jamaal Franklin 16.7; Chase Tapley 13.5; Xavier Thames 9.8.
Rebounds: Team (36.8); Jamaal Franklin 9.5; Deshawn Stephens 4.9; JJ O'Brien 4.6.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.3/11.9); Jamaal Franklin 3.2/3.4; Chase Tapley 2.8/1.3; Xavier Thames 2.2/1.7; Winston Sheperd 2.0/2.1.
3-pointers: Team (.324); Chase Tapley 66; Jamaal Franklin 38; Xavier Thames 35; James Rahon 32.
Last Ten: 5-5.
The Skinny: Coach Steve Fisher knows a thing or two about coaching, which could be good enough for a win or two in the tournament.

Norman, 20-11.
Nickname: Sooners. Coach: Lon Kruger.
Conference: Big 12. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 10.
Tournament Record: 35-26, 26 years. Last NCAA Appearance: 2009.
Scoring: Team (71.1); Romero Osby 15.8; Steven Pledger 11.8; Amath M'Baye 10.1.
Rebounds: Team (36.7); Romero Osby 7.0; Amath M'Baye 5.2; Buddy Hield 4.2.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.4/11.8); Sam Grooms 3.2/1.2; Buddy Hield 1.9/1.6.
3-pointers: Team (.326); Steven Pledger 70; Je'lon Hornbeak 25.
Last Ten: 6-4.
The Skinny: Sooners have rebounded this season to make the bracket for the first time since Blake Griffin took them there 2009.
Washington, D.C., 25-6.
Nickname: Hoyas. Coach: John Thompson III.
Conference: Big East. Bid: At large.
Region: South. Seed: No. 2.
Tournament Record: 46-27, 28 years. Last appearance: 2012.
Scoring: Team (64.6); Otto Porter Jr. 16.3; Markel Starks 12.5; Greg Whittington 12.1.
Rebounds: Team (32.9); Otto Porter Jr. 7.4; Greg Whittington 7.0; Nate Lubick 5.4.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.8/12.7); Markel Starks 2.9/2.0; Nate Lubick 2.8/2.1; Otto Porter Jr. 2.7/1.5; Greg Whittington 2.0/2.0.
3-pointers: Team (.358); Markel Starks 59, Otto Porter Jr. 41; D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera 39.
Last Ten: 8-2.
The Skinny: Georgetown is one of seven basketball-focused Catholic schools splitting off from the conference to create their own league, which will begin play next season and keep the Big East name.

Florida Gulf Coast
Fort Myers, 24-10.
Nickname: Eagles. Coach: Andy Enfield.
Conference: Atlantic Sun. Bid: Atlantic Sun champion.
Region: South. Seed: No. 15.
Tournament Record: First year. Last NCAA Appearance: First year.
Scoring: Team (73.1); Sherwood Brown 15.3; Bernard Thompson 14.0; Chase Fielder 12.2.
Rebounds: Team (36.6); Sherwood Brown 6.4; Chase Fielder 5.4; Eric McKnight 4.6; Bernard Thompson 4.4.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.0/14.7); Brett Comer 6.3/3.6.
3-pointers: Team (.339); Sherwood Brown 68; Bernard Thompson 48; Christophe Varidel 36; Chase Fielder 32.
Last Ten: 8-2.
The Skinny: Atlantic Sun champs got into the field of 68 in second year of eligibility in DI - pretty impressive after losing 82 games the previous four seasons as a transitional program. Has a win over Miami on its resume.

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