MILWAUKEE (AP) -It only took a few minutes for four Brewers to watch the scene from their soap opera debuts. The heckling is sure to last a whole lot longer.
Milwaukee took time before Wednesday's game against San Francisco to catch shortstop J.J. Hardy, center fielder Bill Hall and pitchers Chris Capuano and Jeff Suppan appear on the top-rated CBS soap opera ``The Young and the Restless.''
The results?
A smashing hit and a lot of laughs.
Hardy thinks he'll get the brunt of the teasing. After all, he's the single guy that teenage girls admire when they come to Miller Park, where some even wear ``Mrs. Hardy'' shirts.
Hardy may have attracted some new older fans with the show-stopping line.
m up with me anytime.''
Hardy blushed when asked if he'd get a lot more proposals to warm up with young ladies, and Hardy said watching the scene was a lot worse than watching himself during baseball highlights.
``He was natural, he had fun with it. He did that as good as you could,'' Capuano said. ``Given some other athlete performances - we've all seen Brett Favre in 'There's Something About Mary,' he was a little stiff in that - I thought the guys were pretty relaxed.''
Maybe too relaxed for Capuano, who wasn't immune from a slip-up. His teammates pestered him relentlessly for a quick glance below eye-level at Stafford during the scene.
``He kind of took his eyes away from head level,'' Hall said. ``He lost eye contact for a second, but what are you going to do?''
Capuano, who is not married, called his acting ``Shakespearean'' and was stoic about what happened in the crucial moment.
``I was drawn to the shininess of her shirt,'' he said.
The soap opera's casting director sought out the Brewers for the appearance because the show is based in Genoa City, Wis., a real town outside the resort area of Lake Geneva. The scene was shot on May 22 when the Brewers were in Los Angeles to play the Dodgers.
By far, Hall was considered the best actor, both by the stars of the show and his teammates. Hall routinely does TV commercials in the Milwaukee market, and it took the players just two takes to nail the scene.
``We didn't have a ton of lines to learn and the lines we did have were pretty simple, so we breezed through it,'' Hall said. ``I think J.J. is going to get the worst deal out of all of this.''
The millionaire ballplayers earned Screen Actors Guild scale of $375 each for about 15 minutes worth of work on a soap that none of them said they've seen previously.
Manager Ned Yost said he didn't watch the scene in his office but heard the laughing in the clubhouse.
``I love that, that they're able to do that,'' Yost said. ``You've got to be able to have that chemistry and camaraderie and be able to have fun with each other and sit there and enjoy each other like that. It's a must.''

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