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Through May 8
RHP Danny Baez, 15-day, March 21
RHP Fernando Cabrera, RHP, 15-day, March 21
RHP Jim Hoey, RHP, 15-day, March 21
RHP Chris Ray, RHP, 15-day, March 21
LHP Troy Patton, 15-day, March 21
RHP Rocky Cherry, 15-day, March 22
LHP Adam Loewen, 15-day, April 25
RHP Randor Bierd, 15-day, April 30
RHP Curt Schilling, 60-day, March 13
INF Alex Cora, 15-day, April 10
1B Sean Casey, 15-day, April 26
OF Brandon Moss, 15-day, May 3
LHP Andrew Sisco, 15-day, March 21
2B Danny Richar, 15-day, March 22
OF Shinn-soo Choo, 15-day, March 21
RHP Joe Borowski, 15-day, April 15
RHP Jake Westbrook, 15-day, April 20
RHP Fernando Rodney, 15-day, March 30
C Vance Wilson, 15-day, March 30
RHP Joel Zumaya, 15-day, March 30
LHP Dontrelle Willis, 15-day, April 12
RHP Denny Bautista, 15-day, May 3
Kansas City
RHP Luke Hudson, 15-day, March 21
LHP John Bale, 15-day, April 16
Los Angeles
RHP Kelvim Escobar, 60-day, March 21
RHP John Lackey, 15-day, March 21
2B Howard Kendrick, 15-day, April 14
SS Maicer Izturis, 15-day, April 28
RHP Dustin Moseley, 15-day, May 2
RHP Timothey Baker, 15-day, May 4
New York
RHP Andrew Brackman, 60-day, March 12
RHP Carl Pavano, 60-day, March 21
RHP Humberto Sanchez, 60-day, March 21
RHP Jeffrey Karstens, 15-day, March 28
RHP Brian Bruney, 60-day, April 23
C Jorge Posada, 15-day, April 27
3B Alex Rodriguez, 15-day, April 30
RHP Philip Hughes, 15-day, April 30
RHP Kiko Calero, 60-day, March 19
3B Eric Chavez, 60-day, March 19
RHP Rich Harden, 15-day, April 3
OF Travis Buck, 15-day, April 19
RHP Anderson Garcia, 15-day, March 21
SS Michael Morse, 15-day, April 14
Tampa Bay
RHP Chad Orvella, 60-day, March 21
SS Ben Zobrist, 15-day, March 21
OF Rocco Baldelli, 60-day, March 28
OF Cliff Floyd, 15-day, April 7
3B Willy Aybar, 15-day, April 10
RHP Al Reyes, 15-day, April 16
RHP Gary Glover, 15-day, April 26
LHP John Rheinecker, 60-day, March 28
RHP Brandon McCarthy, 60-day, March 30
OF Marlon Byrd, 15-day, April 17
RHP Thomas Diamond, 60-day, April 17
RHP Dustin Nippert, 15-day, April 22
RHP Luis Mendoza, 15-day, April 24
3B Hank Blalock, 15-day, April 26
RHP Jason Jennings, 15-day, April 30
RHP Casey Janssen, 60-day, March 17
RHP Brian Wolfe, 15-day, April 17
SS David Eckstein, 15-day, May 7
SS John McDonald, 15-day, May 7

3B Chad Tracy, 15-day, March 23
LHP Doug Davis, 15-day, April 9
LHP Mike Hampton, 15-day, March 30
RHP Anthony Lerew, 60-day, March 21
LHP Mike Gonzalez, 15-day, March 21
RHP Rafael Soriano, 15-day, April 7
RHP Peter Moylan, 60-day, April 12
RHP John Smoltz, 15-day, April 28
C Brayan Pena, 15-dy, May 5
2B Martin Prado, 15-day, May 5
RHP Angel Guzman, 60-day, March 25
LHP Bobby Livingston, 60-day, Feb. 22
SS Alex Gonzalez, 15-day, March 21
OF Norris Hopper, 15-day, April 20
LHP Kent Mercker , 15-day, May 6
RHP Jason Hirsh, 15-day, March 21
RHP Luis Vizcaino, 15-day, April 4
LHP Micah Bowie, 15-day, April 22
RHP Kip Wells, 15-day, April 29
SS Troy Tulowitzki, 15-dy, April 30
RHP Harvey Garcia, 60-day, March 21
RHP Joshua Johnson, 60-day, March 21
RHP Sergio Mitre, 60-day, March 21
RHP Henry Owens, 60-day, March 21
RHP Anibal Sanchez, 15-day, March 21
OF Alejandro De Aza, 15-day, March 30
RHP Lee Gardner, 15-day, April 18
OF Joshua Willingham, 15-day, April 28
RHP Felipe Paulino Del Guidice, 15-day, March 21
LHP Wandy Rodriguez, 15-day, April 20
Los Angeles
RHP Jason Schmidt, 15-day, March 21
SS Tony Abreu, 15-day, March 26
SS Nomar Garciaparra, 15-day, April 26
RHP Esteban Loaiza, 15-day, May 4
LHP Chris Capuano, 15-day, March 21
LHP Randy Choate, 15-day, March 21
RHP Yovani Gallardo, 15-day, May 2
New York
RHP Ambiorix Burgos, 15-day, March 21
RHP Ramon Castro, 15-day, March 21
LHP Jason Vargas, 15-day, March 21
RHP Orlando Hernandez, 15-day, March 29
RHP Pedro Martinez, 15-day, April 2
RHP Matthew Wise, 15-day, April 2
RHP Scott Mathieson, 15-day, March 21
RHP Francisco Rosario, 15-day, March 21
LHP Mike Zagurski, 15-day, March 21
OF Chris Snelling, 15-day, April 17
SS Jimmy Rollins, 15-day, April 20
OF Chris Duffy, 15-day, March 21
INF Jack Wilson, 15-day, April 4
St. Louis
RHP Chris Carpenter, 15-day, March 21
RHP Matt Clement, 15-day, March 21
OF Juan Encarnacion, 60-day, March 21
LHP Tyler Johnson, 15-day, March 21
RHP Josh Kinney, 15-day, March 21
LHP Mark Mulder, 15-day, March 21
RHP Brad Thopmson, 15-day, April 23
San Diego
RHP Carlos Guerva, 15-day, March 21
LHP Justin Hampson, 15-day, March 21
RHP Clay Hensley, 15-day, March 21
RHP Mark Prior, 60-day, March 26
RHP Tim Stauffer, 60-day, March 26
C Michael Barrett, 15-day, April 8
RHP Kevin Cameron, 15-day, May 7
San Francisco
2B Kevin Fransden, 15-day, March 21
LHP Noah Lowry, 15-day, March 21
SS Omar Vizquel, 15-day, March 21
OF Dave Roberts, 15-day, April 8
LHP Erick Threets, 15-day, April 19
RHP Kevin Correia, 15-day, April 27
RHP Ryan Wagner, 15-day, March 21
INF Dmitri Young, 15-day, April 3
RHP Chad Cordero, 15-day, May 2

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