Possible 2018 World Series Matchups

Possible Dodgers vs. Yankees World Series Matchup Has Best Odds 1/11/18

There are odds available for 2018 MLB World Series possible matchups and a Los Angeles Dodgers versus New York Yankees clash has the best odds.

According to oddsmakers from online sports book Sportsbook.com, a Dodgers versus Yankees possible World Series matchup has 21/2 odds. Those odds are better than any other possible matchup on the board. The Dodgers, of course, are the defending National League champions and the Yankees fell one game short of meeting L.A. in last year's Fall Classic. New York added the biggest offseason prize last month, trading for Miami slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

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Meanwhile, a Dodgers versus Astros rematch has the next-best odds at 11/1, although a Dodgers versus Indians matchup is also 11/1. Nationals versus Yankees is 14/1, Nationals versus Astros and Nationals versus Indians are 15/1, respectively, and Cubs versus Yankees has 20/1 odds.

That last matchup, Chicago versus New York, has some value given how talented both teams are and the offseason isn't over yet. Both clubs need to add some pitching but the Cubs and Yankees will boast two of the best offenses in Major League Baseball next season.

Continuing with the odds, Cubs versus Astros and Cubs versus Indians are both 21/1, respectively, to meet in next year's Fall Classic. The Dodgers versus Red Sox are 23/1, while Cardinals versus Astros, Cardinals versus Yankees and Nationals versus Red Sox are 30/1, respectively.

Here's a complete list of 2018 MLB World Series Possible Matchup Odds. You can also check out the latest World Series, American League Pennant, and National League Pennant odds here.

Dodgers vs Yankees 21/2

Dodgers vs Astros 11/1

Dodgers vs Indians 11/1

Nationals vs Yankees 14/1

Nationals vs Astros 15/1

Nationals vs Indians 15/1

Cubs vs Yankees 20/1

Cubs vs Astros 21/1

Cubs vs Indians 21/1

Dodgers vs Red Sox 23/1

Cardinals vs Astros 30/1

Cardinals vs Indians 30/1

Cardinals vs Yankees 30/1

Nationals vs Red Sox 30/1

Dbacks vs Yankees 35/1

Mets vs Yankees 35/1

Cubs vs Red Sox 40/1

Dbacks vs Astros 40/1

Dbacks vs Indians 40/1

Mets vs Astros 40/1

Mets vs Indians 40/1

Dodgers vs Angels 50/1

Brewers vs Yankees 60/1

Dodgers vs Mariners 60/1

Brewers vs Astros 65/1

Brewers vs Indians 65/1

Cardinals vs Red Sox 65/1

Nationals vs Angels 65/1

Nationals vs Mariners 75/1

Dbacks vs Red Sox 80/1

Dodgers vs Rays 80/1

Mets vs Red Sox 80/1

Rockies vs Yankees 80/1

Rockies vs Astros 85/1

Rockies vs Indians 85/1

Dodgers vs Blue Jays 90/1

Giants vs Yankees 90/1

Cubs vs Angels 95/1

Giants vs Astros 95/1

Giants vs Indians 95/1

Nationals vs Rays 100/1

Cubs vs Mariners 110/1

Dodgers vs White Sox 110/1

Braves vs Yankees 120/1

Nationals vs Blue Jays 120/1

Braves vs Astros 130/1

Braves vs Indians 130/1

Brewers vs Red Sox 130/1

Dodgers vs Twins 130/1

Cardinals vs Angels 140/1

Dodgers vs Orioles 140/1

Dodgers vs Rangers 140/1

Cubs vs Rays 150/1

Nationals vs White Sox 150/1

Phillies vs Yankees 160/1

Pirates vs Yankees 160/1

Cardinals vs Mariners 170/1

Cubs vs Blue Jays 170/1

Dbacks vs Angels 170/1

Mets vs Angels 170/1

Nationals vs Twins 170/1

Phillies vs Astros 170/1

Phillies vs Indians 170/1

Pirates vs Astros 170/1

Pirates vs Indians 170/1

Rockies vs Red Sox 170/1

Dodgers vs Athletics 190/1

Dodgers vs Royals 190/1

Giants vs Red Sox 190/1

Nationals vs Orioles 190/1

Nationals vs Rangers 190/1

Dbacks vs Mariners 200/1

Mets vs Mariners 200/1

Reds vs Yankees 200/1

Cubs vs White Sox 210/1

Padres vs Yankees 210/1

Reds vs Astros 210/1

Reds vs Indians 210/1

Cardinals vs Rays 230/1

Padres vs Astros 230/1

Padres vs Indians 230/1

Cubs vs Twins 240/1

Braves vs Red Sox 250/1

Brewers vs Angels 250/1

Cardinals vs Blue Jays 250/1

Cubs vs Orioles 250/1

Cubs vs Rangers 250/1

Dbacks vs Rays 250/1

Mets vs Rays 250/1

Nationals vs Athletics 250/1

Nationals vs Royals 250/1

Brewers vs Mariners 300/1

Cardinals vs White Sox 300/1

Dbacks vs Blue Jays 300/1

Mets vs Blue Jays 300/1

Phillies vs Red Sox 300/1

Pirates vs Red Sox 300/1

Cardinals vs Twins 350/1

Cubs vs Athletics 350/1

Cubs vs Royals 350/1

Dbacks vs White Sox 350/1

Mets vs White Sox 350/1

Rockies vs Angels 350/1

Cardinals vs Orioles 400/1

Cardinals vs Rangers 400/1

Giants vs Angels 400/1

Reds vs Red Sox 400/1

Rockies vs Mariners 400/1

Brewers vs Rays 450/1

Dbacks vs Twins 450/1

Giants vs Mariners 450/1

Mets vs Twins 450/1

Padres vs Red Sox 450/1

Brewers vs Blue Jays 500/1

Cardinals vs Athletics 500/1

Cardinals vs Royals 500/1

Dbacks vs Orioles 500/1

Dbacks vs Rangers 500/1

Mets vs Orioles 500/1

Mets vs Rangers 500/1

Braves vs Angels 550/1

Rockies vs Rays 550/1

Brewers vs White Sox 600/1

Braves vs Mariners 650/1

Dbacks vs Athletics 650/1

Dbacks vs Royals 650/1

Giants vs Rays 650/1

Mets vs Athletics 650/1

Mets vs Royals 650/1

Rockies vs Blue Jays 650/1

Brewers vs Twins 700/1

Phillies vs Angels 700/1

Pirates vs Angels 700/1

Giants vs Blue Jays 750/1

Brewers vs Orioles 800/1

Brewers vs Rangers 800/1

Dodgers vs Tigers 800/1

Rockies vs White Sox 800/1

Phillies vs Mariners 850/1

Pirates vs Mariners 850/1

Reds vs Angels 850/1

Braves vs Rays 900/1

Giants vs White Sox 900/1

Marlins vs Yankees 900/1

Rockies vs Twins 900/1

Marlins vs Astros 950/1

Marlins vs Indians 950/1

Padres vs Angels 950/1

Braves vs Blue Jays 1000/1

Brewers vs Athletics 1050/1

Brewers vs Royals 1050/1

Giants vs Twins 1050/1

Nationals vs Tigers 1050/1

Reds vs Mariners 1050/1

Rockies vs Orioles 1050/1

Rockies vs Rangers 1050/1

Giants vs Orioles 1150/1

Giants vs Rangers 1150/1

Padres vs Mariners 1150/1

Phillies vs Rays 1150/1

Pirates vs Rays 1150/1

Braves vs White Sox 1250/1

Phillies vs Blue Jays 1300/1

Pirates vs Blue Jays 1300/1

Rockies vs Athletics 1400/1

Rockies vs Royals 1400/1

Braves vs Twins 1450/1

Reds vs Rays 1450/1

Cubs vs Tigers 1500/1

Giants vs Athletics 1550/1

Giants vs Royals 1550/1

Padres vs Rays 1550/1

Reds vs Blue Jays 1600/1

Braves vs Orioles 1650/1

Braves vs Rangers 1650/1

Phillies vs White Sox 1650/1

Pirates vs White Sox 1650/1

Padres vs Blue Jays 1750/1

Marlins vs Red Sox 1850/1

Phillies vs Twins 1850/1

Pirates vs Twins 1850/1

Reds vs White Sox 2000/1

Phillies vs Orioles 2100/1

Phillies vs Rangers 2100/1

Pirates vs Orioles 2100/1

Pirates vs Rangers 2100/1

Braves vs Athletics 2150/1

Braves vs Royals 2150/1

Padres vs White Sox 2150/1

Cardinals vs Tigers 2250/1

Reds vs Twins 2250/1

Padres vs Twins 2500/1

Reds vs Orioles 2550/1

Reds vs Rangers 2550/1

Dbacks vs Tigers 2750/1

Mets vs Tigers 2750/1

Padres vs Orioles 2800/1

Padres vs Rangers 2800/1

Phillies vs Athletics 2800/1

Phillies vs Royals 2800/1

Pirates vs Athletics 2800/1

Pirates vs Royals 2800/1

Reds vs Athletics 3400/1

Reds vs Royals 3400/1

Padres vs Athletics 3700/1

Padres vs Royals 3700/1

Marlins vs Angels 4000/1

Brewers vs Tigers 4500/1

Marlins vs Mariners 4750/1

Rockies vs Tigers 5750/1

Giants vs Tigers 6500/1

Marlins vs Rays 6500/1

Marlins vs Blue Jays 7000/1

Braves vs Tigers 9000/1

Marlins vs White Sox 9000/1


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