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1. The season long non-refundable entry fee is $1500.00. Entries accepted starting July 25, 2009.
2. Each contestant, identified by social security number, may submit up to two entries. Each entry shall be treated as a separate entry for all purposes including prize distribution. The SuperBook reserves the right to approve aliases (Team Name).
3. Actual cash prizes will be based on total number of contestants and may be different based on respective places, as set forth in rule 20.
4. The SuperBook shall offer a $10,000 early sign-up bonus. Those who enter on or before 4:00pm pacific Monday, September 1st 2008 will be eligible to compete in a three week mini contest (the final three weeks of the Pro Football regular season). The entry selecting the most winners over the final three weeks of the season will win the $10,000 prize, which is provided by the SuperBook and does not come out of the entry fees. Ties will be split equally.
5. The SuperBook shall offer a $10,000 aggregate bonus to the entry that selects over 67% winners for the entire season. Ties (pushes) will be disregarded in figuring win percentage for this bonus prize. This cash bonus is provided by the SuperBook and does not come out of THE SUPERCONTEST prize monies or entry fees. If more than one entry qualifies for this bonus, the $10,000 will be divided equally.
6. THE SUPERCONTEST is based on picking winning teams against the SuperBook contest line. Contestants must select five teams per week, per entry. Contestants MAY NOT SELECT both sides of a game.
7. Contest winners will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during the Pro Football regular season (see rules 14). Each winning selection will be credited as one point. Ties (pushes) count as one half point.
8. Contestants must submit their weekly selections to the SuperBook by 1:00pm each Saturday afternoon, except when there are Thursday games. If a contestants wishes to use Thursday games, their weekly selections must be submitted prior to Thursday game time. Any contestant who fails to submit weekly selections by Friday at 1:00pm, will be awarded zero points that week. This time deadline will be strictly enforced.
9. Contestant selections will be available in the SuperBook each Friday evening. Current standings will be available in the SuperBook each Tuesday afternoon. Current standings and/or selections may be publicly posted and may be available on
10. Each contestant may authorize a proxy to submit their selections by properly signing and authorizing such, in person at the SuperBook.
11. Contestants (or their proxy) may be required to present contest I.D. card or, photo I.D., personally sign their selection card and enter their contest I.D. number to validate their selections.
12. Only one card of weekly selections may be submitted per entry. In the event a contestant has two entries, the contestant must submit a separate card of weekly selections per entry. If more than one card of weekly selections is erroneously accepted for an entry, then the first card of weekly selections associated with the entry will be the official selections of record.
13. The ticket (receipt) generated from the stub portion of the selection card is the official entry of record. The card itself is not valid for any purpose.
14. The Pro Football regular season must consist of at least ten weeks for THE SUPERCONTEST to be considered valid. If the regular season is shortened to less than ten weeks, THE SUPERCONTEST will be cancelled and all entry fees will be refunded. The entire 17 week regular season schedule must be played in order to win the early sign-up bonus (rule 4), and the over 67% winners bonus (rules 5).
15. All Las Vegas Hilton Sports Book House Rules and Regulations apply to this contest unless otherwise stipulated.
16. Sign-up deadline is 1:00pm pacific Saturday, September 12, 2009. Sign-up deadline to be eligible for the early sign-up bonus is 4:00pm pacific Monday, September 7, 2009.
17. The SuperBook reserves the right to cancel this contest or refuse to accept any registration or wager if the same could violate any federal, state or country law, ordinance or regulation. Furthermore, the SuperBook may cancel the contest in the event of technical difficulties or other occurrence beyond the control of the SuperBook.
18. Entry fees will not be refunded other than for the cancellation of THE SUPERCONTEST.
19. All contestants and proxies must be at least 21 years of age.
20. Tie-breaking rules:
Tie-breaking rules will be applied to determine first place only. Entries tying for second through twentieth place, will equally split aggregate prize money from the respective place. If ties exist after the Pro Football regular season for first place, the champion will be determined based on the entry that accumulated the most contest points during the final three weeks of the regular season. If total points accumulated during the final three weeks is equal most points accumulated during the fourth to the final week will determine the winner, and so on weekly (in reverse order), until the tie is broken.
In the unlikely occurrence of a tie after the tie-breakers, co-champions will be declared and the aggregate prize money will be split equally.
21. After the final winners are posted, a three (3) day verification period will be allowed. Any disputes with the contest and the results or prize allocation must be provided to management in writing within this verification period. At the end of this time, THE SUPERCONTEST results will be declared official. In the event of a dispute, the decision of management is final.
22. In the eventuality of a game cancellation of postponement the game must be played by Monday of that week to be considered action or contestant will be awarded zero points for that game.
23. By entering the contest, each individual contestant grants permission to the Las Vegas Hilton to use his or her name and photograph for publicity purposes.
24. Employees of the Las Vegas Hilton Race and Sports Book and their immediate families are not eligible to compete in THE SUPERCONTEST.


Disclaimer: These rules are a copy of the official rules provided by the Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook Sports Book. These rules are accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 7/25/2009. and Spread Media Inc. make no claims to the accuracy of these rules after this date and anyone entering the Las Vegas Hilton Handicapping Contest should contact the Las Vegas Hilton to obtain an official copy of the rules for themselves. These rules are provided for informational purposes only and some rules may be slightly different than the ones you may receive.

Spread Media Inc. and are not affiliated with the Las Vegas Hilton or with the SuperContest in any way.

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