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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) - Bettors miss out on opportunities all the time to make money on MLB underdogs. But how do you spot a good dog in baseball?

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We're halfway through the MLB season and underdogs are winning nightly.  Underdogs win throughout the MLB season, but finding the right ones can be tough. Here are some rules I like to abide by throughout the season.

The first rule of picking out the right underdog is to not get carried away and play every dog on the board.  There are times when a team is an underdog for a reason and you don't want to get trapped on a sucker line.  The saying "if it's too good to be true then it probably is" applies to sports betting as well.

I also look for home team underdogs first, as I find these teams have the highest rate of bringing home the bacon.  Wednesday night provided a perfect example of this, as the Padres were listed as underdogs and grabbed a win over the favored Reds.

Starting pitchers can also help you find the right underdog.  You find a game with two comparable starting pitchers and the team listed as the underdog is worth a closer look.  This is where it is helpful to give the pitcher's previous results a look. 

A starting pitcher facing a team for the first time or a pitcher in need of a strong performance can give bettors an edge.  Believe it or not, backing a pitcher who's in danger of losing his spot in the starting rotation can be profitable, too.  The MLB season is long and spotting a reason for a team in any certain game to have a little extra motivation is important. Often times the underdogs have a reason to be the more motivated team.

The general public is right about a lot of things, but often sports betting is not one of them.  This leads into my last piece of advice. Sometimes it's a good idea to fade the public.  You want to look for two things when looking to fade the public during the MLB season.  These two things are looking for a favored road team backed by the public at a rate of 70% or higher, along with a line that hasn't moved much.  When this situation presents itself you want to be on the home underdog as the oddsmakers have the public right where they want them. 

Take this advice into consideration this MLB season, and good luck on the diamond.

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