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2014 MLB betting tips advice wagering baseball

LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) - What are some early-season betting tips for waging on MLB? Here's some advice to consider.

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As the first week of baseball is about in the books, I would like to give you a few tips that can help you make a profit when wagering on baseball.

I will remind you that baseball is a 162 game season and even the best teams in baseball only win 55-60% of the time. Do not get caught up on laying the chalk with these big favorites. When you see a money line of -175 or more, please realize that there are other variables other than the starting pitcher to be considered. Also remember the best pitchers in baseball have bad days as well. Even if the pitcher does have a stellar game, the bullpen might blow the lead. Not only that, it may be a lack of run support that does the damage.

So on paper, some of these pitching matchups might look like 'Free Money' but please remember nothing is free, and certainly not a favorite of -175 or more. In fact, you are almost laying 2:1 odds just for a team to win. Like I said, even the Top 5 teams in baseball only win 55-60% of the time.

There have obviously been many roster changes and now it's a good time to look and see what teams have adjusted well and which teams are struggling. I had mentioned last week that the Miami Marlins made some nice offensive acquisitions and it is apparent by their increase in run production.  The NY Yankees have started off 0-2 out the gate with a heavy make-over of talent. The Yankees will be a team I advise watching as there could potentially be some great value with them when inserted as an underdog.

In closing, be patient and be disciplined. Baseball is played every day and there are plenty of profitable wagers to be made. Do not force a play or think, "Oh, this team has to win today". No, baseball is a game of trends. Instead, look for HOT teams that have won 3 or more games and give them a closer look. If one of these HOT teams is an underdog, their value is that much stronger.  I will continue to give you some tips throughout the season that will help cut your losses and maximize your profits.

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