Which teams should bettors avoid?

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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) – Which NHL teams should bettors avoid, as well as keep an eye on during the finals weeks of the NHL regular season?

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First off, the obvious teams that should be avoided are the teams that are eliminated from the playoffs. Those teams are Calgary, Florida, Edmonton and Buffalo. The other teams you should also avoid down the stretch are teams like the Penguins, who don’t really have much to play for down the stretch.

The teams you want to focus on are teams like Detroit, Columbus, Toronto, Washington and in the West,  the Wild, the Stars, and the Coyotes are teams to be betting on. Why? Because these are the teams that must win to get in the final spots in the NHL playoffs. 

I think if you’re placing a futures bet on who will win the Stanley Cup, the best value bet is on the Penguins at 7-1 odds. I really think they will be resting going into the playoffs and we saw what they did when they got to play the Blackhawks a few days back.

Thus, I recommend placing a 400* play on the Penguins to win the Stanley cup. Just avoid them down the stretch.

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