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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) – Which current team offers the best odds to win the 2014 NCAA Tournament? Let’s take a look at the updated odds.

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Below is a list of the updated odds for the 2014 NCAA Tournament. Barring a major injury or suspension, any team from 25/1 down should make a run for the money.

Personally, Oklahoma State and San Diego State are given very liberal odds while never-say-die teams like North Carolina and Michigan have some value. Wichita State has been a monster this season but has a real uphill climb to make it through the more battle-tested squads.  Of course, you can never count out teams like Kentucky, Duke, MSU, Florida, 'Zona, Kansas, and the 'Cuse. But I believe that Duke, MSU, and Syracuse are a head above the rest of the class.

The one thing is that during this time of season: the conference tournaments, where anything can happen. It's the seeding and the opponents that can give you the most trouble in the Big Dance.

Remember that just because you don't make it to the Big Show doesn't mean there isn't value and money to be made in the NIT, CBI, and CIT.

Odds to Win 2014 NCAA Tournament Odds

Arizona 4/1

Michigan State 5/1

Kansas 5/1

Syracuse 5/1

Wichita State 9/1

Kentucky 10/1

Duke 10/1

Florida 10/1

Louisville 10/1

Wisconsin 18/1

Oklahoma State 20/1

San Diego State 20/1

Villanova 25/1

Iowa State 25/1

Ohio State 30/1

Iowa 30/1

Michigan 35/1

UCONN 35/1

UCLA 35/1

Creighton 40/1

Pitt 40/1

Butler 40/1

North Carolina 50/1

Stanford 50/1

Virginia 60/1

Memphis 60/1

Missouri 60/1

Oregon 60/1

VCU 75/1

Gonzaga 75/1

Indiana 75/1

Colorado 75/1

Georgetown 75/1

Colorado 75/1

St. Louis 75/1

Tennessee 75/1

Baylor 75/1

Texas 75/1

Ole Miss 75/1

Kansas State 75/1

Florida State 75/1

Oklahoma 75/1

Marquette 100/1

New Mexico 100/1

UNLV 100/1

Cincy 100/1

Arkansas 100/1

LSU 100/1

Arizona State 100/1

BYU 100/1

Miami Fla 100/1

Vanderbilt 125/1

Dayton 125/1

Alabama 150/1

Illinois 150/1

Notre Dame 150/1

St. Johns 150/1

Harvard 150/1

Boise State 150/1

Temple 150/1

Maryland 150/1

Minnesota 150/1

California 150/1

Providence 150/1

Washington 150/1

USC 175/1

Davidson 200/1

Xavier 200/1

NC State 250/1

Purdue 250/1

Field 30/1

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