Will weather affect Super Bowl XLVIII?

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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) – Will the weather have a big affect on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII? And with the unders hitting this postseason, will that trend continue on Sunday?

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When this article was written game time temps in New York City for this year’s Super Bowl are expected to be around 36 F- 42 F with partly clear skys and isolated showers.

You would have to think many ways, this would give the aging Payton Manning a edge, as the old guy will have the kind of weather that would favor an strong arm immobile pivot like him.

If the weather for some reason turns bad then the Seahawks stringent down and dirty defense will have the upper hand. Throwing the ball in inclement weather is never easy and the Broncos run game would have to face a nasty defensive front.

However, under any weather conditions the Seahawks defense, will be tough to face, as will the future hall of fame mind & arm of Payton Manning. But in conclusion, if the weathers bad a 100% thumbs up on Seattle. If the weathers good, than you never know what magic Payton Manning can pull from his proverbial hat.

-Super Bowl -Total-

The under has dominated this year’s playoffs. Whether it is part of a coincidental trend or because teams tend to play more conservatively in the postseason, it’s an interesting note nonetheless. Did the weather play a roll or did some unfortunate offensive drives and miscues end with fewer points being scored. I’m sure it was all of the above and more situations I did not mention that surely contributed to the low scoring games.

A lot of consideration and time has gone into setting the total on this years Super Bowl. The linesmakers in my humble opinion may have under estimated the number by a few points, on the low side, as my own numbers suggest a total that fits in better at around 50 total points going on the board. The compensation of the total from the books comes from this years playoff under trend. With so much square money coming in on this contest, you can bet the basic approach of most of these bettors will be to chase what has already been trending.

In closing, conventional wisdom is not always wrong, but profits soar when a sports investor can identify the right situations and find value going against the public. I personally would tend to feel that this game shows some value on the Total being eclipsed.

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