The 2008 NFL Regular Season is quickly coming to a close with only four weeks remaining on the schedule. Make sure to check out the public betting trends for Week 14 before placing any action.

Bet NFL Week 14

Sunday, December 7th

Cincinnati at Indianapolis, 1:00 ET
Cincinnati: 1-8 ATS vs. conference
Indianapolis: 5-1 Over after scoring 14pts or less

Jacksonville at Chicago, 1:00 ET
Jacksonville: 8-0 Over L4 weeks of the regular season
Chicago: 5-1 ATS off division loss

Houston at Green Bay, 1:00 ET
Houston: n/a
Green Bay: 6-1 Over off home loss

Cleveland at Tennessee, 1:00 ET
Cleveland: 6-1 Over off BB home games
Tennessee: 10-2 ATS this season

Minnesota at Detroit, 1:00 ET
Minnesota: 1-5 ATS off SU win
Detroit: 5-0 Over L5 games

(TC) Washington at Baltimore, 8:15 ET NBC
Washington: 2-7 ATS vs. AFC
Baltimore: 7-0 Over L7 games

Philadelphia at NY Giants, 1:00 ET
Philadelphia: 12-2 Over as an underdog
NY Giants: 8-0 ATS vs. NFC

Atlanta at New Orleans, 1:00 ET
Atlanta: 0-6 ATS off BB SU wins
New Orleans: 6-0 Over at home 2nd half of season

NY Jets at San Francisco, 4:05 ET
NY Jets: 6-0 ATS Away in December
San Francisco: 7-1 Over off non-conference game

Miami vs. Buffalo, 4:05 ET (in Toronto, Canada)
Miami: 5-15 ATS off road game
Buffalo: 13-4 ATS the line is +3 to -3

Kansas City at Denver, 4:05 ET
Kansas City: 4-1 Under off ATS win
Denver: 0-6 ATS as home favorite

St. Louis at Arizona, 4:15 ET
St. Louis: 6-1 Over after scoring 14 points or less BB games
Arizona: 0-8 ATS as a home favorite of 7.5 to 14 points

Dallas at Pittsburgh, 4:15 ET
Dallas: 7-0 ATS if the line is +3 to -3
Pittsburgh: 1-10 ATS after scoring 30+ points

(TC) New England at Seattle, 4:05 ET
New England: 17-6 ATS in road games
Seattle: 13-2 Over at home off loss by 21+ points

Monday, December 8th

Tampa Bay at Carolina, 8:30 ET ESPN
Tampa Bay: 9-13 ATS in road games
Carolina: 8-0 Under at home vs. division

Bet NFL Week 14

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Posted: 12/7/08 10:00AM ET

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