(The Spread) – Oddsmakers have compiled a list of odds involving the NBA lockout, including a prop for when the stalemate will end between the players and owners.

For the prop, “Will a 2011-2012 NBA Regular Season game be played before January 1st, 2012,” the odds for “Yes” are +200 while the odds for “No” are –300. Obviously those aren’t very good numbers for NBA fans, as oddsmakers expect the NBA lockout to continue into the New Year.

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For the prop, “Will the NBA cancel the entire 2011-2012 Regular Season,” the odds for “Yes” are –150 while the odds for “No” are +110. Again, that’s not a good sign for NBA fans that were hoping that there would still be a NBA season to enjoy.

Finally, “What percent of the BRI (Basketball Related Income) will the Players receive during the next Collective Bargaining Agreement?” Oddsmamkers list “Over 50.5%” at –120 while the “Under 50.5%” prop is also listed at –120.

On November 15, the NBA Players’ Association voted to reject a contract that the owners stated was their final, best offer. As NBA commissioner David Stern has noted, the rejected proposal puts the entire season in doubt. Now the players are disbanding the union and preparing to do battle in the courts.

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