The 2008 NFL Regular Season heads into Week 11 this Sunday and before making any plays on today’s action, make sure you’re checking out the top trends for all the games.

Bet NFL Week 11

Denver at Atlanta, 1:00 ET
Denver: 11-1 ATS after gaining 500+ total yards
Atlanta: 1-11 ATS at home off DD home win

Oakland at Miami, 1:00 ET
Oakland: 0-8 ATS after scoring 17 points or less in 4 straight games
Miami: 30-11 ATS vs. AFC West

Baltimore at NY Giants, 1:00 ET
Baltimore: 6-0 ATS after scoring 40+ points
NY Giants: 0-3 ATS vs. Baltimore

Houston at Indianapolis, 1:00 ET
Houston: 0-6 ATS on turf
Indianapolis: 5-1 Over at home vs. Houston

(TC) Tennessee at Jacksonville, 4:15 ET
Tennessee: 6-0 ATS vs. conference opponents
Jacksonville: 10-0 Over 2nd half of season

Chicago at Green Bay, 1:00 ET
Chicago: 23-9 Over vs. conference
Green Bay: 11-2 Over off SU loss

Philadelphia at Cincinnati, 1:00 ET
Philadelphia: 14-2 ATS off a division game
Cincinnati: 5-16 ATS at home after allowing 75 yards rushing or less

New Orleans at Kansas City, 1:00 ET
New Orleans: 10-3 Over off BB Overs
Kansas City: 7-0 ATS after allowing 300+ passing yards BB games

Detroit at Carolina, 1:00 ET
Detroit: 6-0 ATS as DD Underdog
Carolina: 14-5 Under off SU win

Minnesota at Tampa Bay, 1:00 ET
Minnesota: 8-2 Over at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay: 16-4 ATS after gaining 99 or less rushing yards in 3 straight games

St. Louis at San Francisco, 4:05 ET
St. Louis: 2-10 ATS off road loss
San Francisco: 21-9 ATS vs. St. Louis

Arizona at Seattle, 4:05 ET
Arizona: 9-21 ATS off BB wins
Seattle: 7-0 ATS off BB losses

San Diego at Pittsburgh, 4:15 ET
San Diego: 2-8 ATS vs. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh: 13-3 Over at home vs. conference

Dallas at Washington, 8:15 ET
Dallas: 6-0 ATS after allowing 35+ points
Washington: 1-8 ATS off DD loss as favorite

Write-In Game

Baltimore at Houston, 1:00 ET
Baltimore: 25-12 ATS off road win
Houston: 7-1 Over in all games

Monday, November 17th

Cleveland at Buffalo, 8:30 ET ESPN
Cleveland: 8-1 ATS off BB Overs
Buffalo: 6-0 Under off BB ATS losses

Bet NFL Week 11

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Posted: 11/16/08 11:30 PM ET