College Football’s Week 4 is done and Week 5 is on the horizon. Lets take a look at the top college football teams against the spread, along with the worst.

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Over the years, the Vanderbilt Commodores often find themselves as underdogs in the college football world. But this year Vandy has turned things around and is 4-0 on the young season. On top of being undefeated on the year, the Commodores are also one of the best college football teams against the spread, amassing a 4-0 ATS record.

Top College Football Teams ATS:

  1. Vanderbilt 4-0
  2. Ball State 3-0
  3. Georgia Tech 3-0
  4. Ohio 3-0-1
  5. Penn State 3-0
  6. TCU 3-0
  7. Texas 3-0
  8. Tulane 3-0
  9. Tulsa 3-0

While Vanderbilt, Ball State and Georgia Tech are just some of the best teams against the spread this year in college football, Tennessee, Syracuse and Ohio State are among the worst. Not one team listed below has covered the spread this season, which is surprising in the cases of the Buckeyes, Vols and even Michigan, who usually has one of the best programs in the country.

Worst College Football Teams ATS:

  1. Wyoming 0-3
  2. Washington State 0-3
  3. Texas-El Paso 0-3
  4. Tennessee 0-3
  5. Syracuse 0-3
  6. South Florida 0-3
  7. Rutgers 0-3
  8. Pittsburgh 0-3
  9. Ohio State 0-3
  10. Michigan 0-3
  11. Louisiana-Monroe 0-3
  12. Kent State 0-3
  13. Idaho 0-3
  14. Eastern Michigan 0-3

Bet College Football Week 5

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