Jerry Jones can keep his video boards right where they are, at least for this season.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday clarified rules on punts that ricochet off the high-definition monitors hanging over most of the field at the new Cowboys Stadium.

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Perhaps the key part of his announcement is that the guidelines cover only this season, an indication the league may force Jones to raise the boards before the 2010 season, which ends with the Super Bowl in his building.

The league clearly wouldn't want even the remote possibility of a championship decided by a ball hitting a TV screen within a punter's reach.

The video boards are the signature item of the $1.15 billion stadium because of their clarity and size: 60 yards long, stretching from 20-yard line to 20-yard line. The problem is they are 90 feet above the field.
While that is 5 feet above the league's standard, the ease Tennessee punters had kicking balls into the boards before - and once during - last Saturday night's debut game indicates that standard might need revision.

Oddsmakers from online sports book currently list the Cowboys’ odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl at 15/1 and their NFC Championship odds at 5/1.

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Posted: 8/28/09 9:50PM ET

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