A scary moment occurred during the fourth inning of the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants’ game on Saturday as Mets third baseman David Wright was beaned in the head by a Matt Cain fastball.

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Cain's 0-2 pitch with none out in the fourth inning of a scoreless game Saturday hit Wright just above the brim of the helmet, sending it flying as Wright fell to the ground in the right-handed batter's box.

Wright lay motionless on his stomach for over a minute before trainers helped turn him over onto his back. One trainer leaned in close as Wright was on his stomach, talking to the third baseman. After Wright was turned over, he sat up and a trainer shone a light in his eyes.

It was clear that Cain didn’t do it on purpose, as he sat in a crouch nearly the entire time Wright was laying on the ground. Several other Giants players were scene in a crouch, concerned about Wright’s health.

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Posted: 8/15/09 8:40PM ET

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