Rick Pitino’s lawyer says that his client gave $3,000 to a woman accused of trying to extort him so that she could buy health insurance. Earlier reports had stated that Pitino had paid for his mistresses’ abortion.

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The Louisville basketball coach has told police that he had sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher and she later told him she was going to have an abortion and did not have medical insurance.
Lawyer Steve Pence told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Pitino believed the money was for insurance, not for an abortion. Pence said Pitino asked Sypher how much the insurance would cost and she told him $3,000.

The woman was later charged with trying to extort $10 million from the coach.

Even though their head coach is going through this messy situation, oddsmakers from online sports book Sports Interaction have given Louisville 15/1 odds to win 2010 Men’s College Basketball Tournament. Even tough the tourney is still months away, the North Carolina Tar Heels are the current favorites to win at 3/1.

Bet 2010 Men’s College Basketball Odds

Posted: 8/15/09 8:50PM ET