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Bet on Major League Baseball

Hot Pitchers
-- Moehler is 1-1, 2.96 in his last four starts.
-- Giants won last six Sanchez road starts.
-- Zambrano has 1.80 RA in his last two starts at Wrigley. Cueto is 2-2, 2.13 in his last four starts.
-- Sheets is 6-1, 2.39 in his last nine starts.

-- Jackson is 1-0, 3.00 in his last three starts. Bronx won both Ponson starts (1-0, 4.25), scoring 27 runs.
-- Beckett is 2-1, 2.25 in his last four starts.
-- Detroit won both Bonine home starts; home side is 4-0 in his starts for Tigers this season.
-- Burnett is 3-0, 1.23 in his last three SkyDome starts.
-- Weaver is 2-1, 1.93 in his last three starts.

Cold Pitchers
-- Marlins lost Olsen's last four road starts. Baek has 5.26 RA in his four starts at Petco.
-- Van Benschoten allowed 12 runs in 6.1 IP in two 2008 starts.
-- Happ allowed two runs in 4.2 IP (96 PT) in his first '08 start. Mulder is making first start since xxxx; he was awful in minors this season, but got brought up anyway.
-- Mets lost last six Santana starts; his last win was June 1.
-- Owings is 0-5, 8.90 in his last six starts. Washington lost last eight Lannan starts (0-7, 4.40) scoring total of 14 runs.
-- Rusch lost his only '08 start 5-4 at Wrigley (five runs/4.2 IP).
-- Braves lost Hudson's last five road starts. Lowe is 1-2, 5.21 in his last three starts.

-- Hernandez has 15.23 RA in his last three road starts.
-- Byrd is 0-5, 8.88 in his last five starts.
-- Olsen has 7.46 RA in his last five starts. Mendoza is 0-2, 13.82 in four starts for the Rangers.
-- Vazquez is 0-2, 6.05 in his last three starts. Bannister has 7.41 RA in his last six starts.
-- Oakland is 3-9 when Blanton starts at home. Batista is 0-4 in his last six starts, with a 9.42 RA.

Hot Teams
-- Pirates won three of last four road games.
-- Cardinals won their last three road games.
-- Mets won five of their last six games. Giants are 16-9 in last 25 road games.
-- Brewers won ten of their last twelve home games. Rockies won six of their last eight games.
-- Reds won four of their last five games. Cubs are 23-4 in last 27 games at Wrigley Field.
-- Dodgers won six of their last eight games.

-- Tigers won 12 of their last 13 home games.
-- Rays won eleven of last fourteen games. Bronx won last three games, allowing a total of five runs.
-- Twins won 18 of their last 23 games, lost last two. Red Sox won their last four home games.
-- Angels won six of their last nine games. Rangers won three of last four games.
-- White Sox won ten of their last twelve games.
-- A's are 16-10 in their last 26 home games.

Cold Teams
-- Astros are 4-15 in their last nineteen road games.
-- Phillies lost nine of last ten home games.
-- Arizona lost seven of last ten games; they scored a total of eight runs in their last four. Nationals lost their last six games, scoring a total of 12 runs.
-- Florida is 8-16 in its last twenty-four road games. San Diego is 4-12 in its last sixteen games.
-- Braves are 7-15 in their last twenty-two road games.

-- Indians lost last nine games, allowing 66 runs.
-- Blue Jays lost four of their last six games. Orioles lost its last three games, giving up 23 runs.
-- Royals lost five of their last seven games.
-- Mariners lost last three games, scoring four runs in 33 inn.

-- Under is 6-2 in Phillies' last eight home games.
-- Six of last eight Houston road games stayed under total.
-- Under is 13-2-1 in last sixteen Arizona games.
-- Under is 5-1-1 in last seven Santana starts.
-- Over is 5-1 in last six Colorado games.
-- Over is 10-4 in Cubs' last fourteen games.
-- Over is 9-1-1 in Florida's last eleven road games.
-- 12 of last 16 Dodger games stayed under the total.

-- Over is 7-3 in last ten Cleveland road games.
-- Under is 10-2-2 in last fourteen Boston games.
-- Under is 7-2-1 in last ten Bronx games.
-- Over is 6-2 in Orioles' last eight games.
-- Eight of last eleven Angel road games stayed under total.
-- Eight of Royals' last ten games went over the total.
-- Under is 7-2 in Oakland's last nine games.

-- Fla-SD-- Three of last four West games stayed under total.
-- Hst-Pitt-- Underdog is 5-4 in last nine Danley games.
-- StL-Phil-- Favorite is 12-1 in last thirteen Hudson games.
-- SF-NY-- Underdog is 9-7 in last sixteen Cuzzi games.
-- Az-Wsh--Four of last five Fairchild games went over total.
-- Cin-Chi-- Home team won 10 of last 11 Tschida games.
-- Col-Mil-- Over is 8-2-1 in last eleven Vanover games.
-- Atl-LA-- Over is 5-1-1 in last seven Miller games.

-- TB-NY-- Underdog is 4-3 in last seven Barrett games.
-- Min-Bos-- Favorite is 11-3 in last fourteen Barry games.
-- Cle-Det-- Under is 9-2 in last eleven Culbreth games.
-- Blt-Tor-- Under is 6-0-1 in last seven Wolf games.
-- LA-Tex-- Under is 9-2-1 in last twelve Davidson games.
-- Chi-KC-- Underdog is 10-4 in last fourteen Iassogna games.
-- Sea-A's-- Favorite won seven of last nine Wegner games.

Bet on Major League Baseball

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