LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) – Who will perish first on the TV show “24 Live Another Day?” Let’s take a look at the odds.

According to oddsmakers from online sports book, Audrey Boudreau, Mark Boudreau, President Heller and Prime Minister Trevor Davies are all 5/1 favorites, respectively, to perish first on “24 Live Another Day.” Chloe O’Brian, Tony Almeida and Adrian Cross are all 8/1, while Kim Bauer and Steve Navarro are both 9/1, respectively.

How many times with Jack Bauer say “Damn it Chloe” this season? The over/under has been set at 1, with the over carrying odds of +200 and the under carrying odds of -300. That means for every $100 that you bet on the over, you’ll win $200.00, and for every $300.00 that you wager on the under, you’ll win $100.00.

How many times will Jack Bauer mention or give “His word” this season? The over/under total is currently sitting at 1, with the odds for the over are +200 and the odds for the under is -300.

Which agency/terrorist group will be next to detain Jack Bauer? M15/M16/GCHQ are the favorites at 2/1, while FBI/CIA/Homeland Security, Foreign Operatives and Private Security are 3/1, respectively, while Hezbollah is 20/1. The terrorist group with the longest odds to snag Bauer is the Tailban at 50/1.

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